Black Ops 6 devs confirm omnimovement will be added to Warzone

Jacob Hale
Black Ops 6 omnimovement slide in Warzone

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 developers Treyarch have confirmed that the omnidirectional movement system in the upcoming title will also be coming to Warzone, once the game is integrated following release.

The new omnimovement system in Black Ops 6 is one of the most radical changes we’ve seen in Call of Duty for years, with it being arguably the biggest change since jetpacks were first introduced in 2014’s Advanced Warfare. It allows players to slide, sprint, and dive in any direction, go prone on your back rather than just on your front, and much more.

However, in the Black Ops 6 gameplay reveal trailer, there was nothing said about how the new mechanic would impact Warzone. However, Treyarch has now confirmed in an interview with VentureBeat that movement will be consistent across both titles.

“​​The goal always starts with being unified,” explained Yale Miller, senior director of production at Treyarch, when asked about tying the two games together. “We’ve said this a bunch. If we teach the player to do something, we want to teach them to do it once … That goes across all the modes. Zombies, Campaign. Movement and all those things, we’re trying to have unification.”

Miller very specifically mentioned movement as intended to be unified across every mode in Black Ops 6, much like it was with Modern Warfare II (2022) and Modern Warfare 3 (2023). This should make the experience across all of Black Ops 6’s game modes as consistent as possible.

This will no doubt be a huge step for Call of Duty — one that we’ve suggested could usher in a much-needed ‘new era’ for the franchise. The devs will be hoping that players love the new movement style, especially in Warzone where the community made their feelings very clear on the slower movement when MWII was integrated.