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Call of Duty

Black Ops 4 player demonstrates new game-changing sensitivity settings

Published: 12/Dec/2018 23:56 Updated: 13/Dec/2018 0:03

by Alan Bernal


For over a decade, Call of Duty has provided for some of the most heart-pounding action that demanded lightning quick reflexes to keep up, and now with the addition of a new sensitivity option players can look forward to keeping the action in the middle of their sights.

Treyarch added Black Ops 4 to its long series of online shooters on October 12, and the title has given players a multitude of ways to revamp the action.

Now its been discovered that Black Ops 4 will finally give players a long-awaited feature that should help to survey the battlefield.

TheRealRon1224/TwitterNew setting that can provide for a much less punishing aiming system.

Black Ops 4 is now providing a simple but long overdue option of adjusting the sensitivity when aiming down the sight (ADS) which would go a long way with helping players reposition their crosshair in numerous situations.


The feature does not sound game-changing on the surface, but Twitter user TheRealRon1224 put it best in a post he made about the change.

“It took 10+ years but they finally gave us an ADS sensitivity option,” he said. “The accuracy and overall ease of use that you can get [with] high sensitivity now almost brings a tear to my eye.”

In the same post he uploaded a video of himself practicing against bots but with an increased ADS sensitivity.

The fluidity and pace with which the gun wisps by target-to-target is astonishing, credit to his dexterity but it is the lack of ADS slow down before the final placement of the gun that fans of the shooter have clamored to fix in past installments of the series.


The change will no doubt be experimented with players from casual to pro status and will hopefully create a more comfortable experience in the game.