Black Ops 4 June 14 update patch notes – Weapon tuning, playlist update and more

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Treyarch launched their June 14 update that’s going to bring crucial weapon tuning to Black Ops 4, while introducing a swarm of modes to the games playlist for players to grind through on all platforms.

The Days of Summer event is in full swing for Black Ops 4 players, and it’s bringing loads of new modes for fans to put in their hours online. With that in mind, the developers are introducing the Grind Playlists, bringing a new local to all players that’ll give some people a rush of nostalgia.

The latest patch is mainly centered around bringing players the Grind Playlists to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and brings new live to the classic Black Ops 2 map.

TreyarchThe Days of Summer is introducing tons of new ways for players to experience Black Ops 4.

Playlist changes and Blackout modes

The featured playlists for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have the added modes in Bolt-Action Barebones, Moshpit, and Prop Hunt – which will run from June 14-18.

Looking towards Blackout, there’s going to be a bit of a disparity in what fans will be able to play based on their platform of choice.

Treyarch is giving Xbox One players the high-octane Hot Pursuit through June 18, while PlayStation 4 users will have Alcatraz to jump into – also until June 18.

The developers are also bringing “general stability improvements” to Blackout on all platforms, but they didn’t go into further detail

TreyarchLongtime Call of Duty fans will appreciate another chance to get into Grind in Black Ops 4.

Weapon Tuning

Furthermore, Black Ops 4 has been seeing a rise in problematic instances mainly with the Operator Mod on the S6 Stingray, and the developers think they found a suitable nerf that will hopefully make it more balanced to the game’s arsenal.

The devs are going to going to increase the burst delay between firing while using the Operator Mod on the Stingray since it “proved too strong with its original rate of fire.”

TreyarchSome of the game’s more popular weapons are getting some tweaks to make them a lot more balanced.

Treyarch is hoping the change will give players ample time to get cover and retaliate against the Stingray instead of getting instantly deleted.

Similarly, the popular Peacekeeper is getting a nerf that will reduce the damage ranges to “ensure better balance against other assault rifles.”

There’s quite a bit to unpack, so check out the patch notes below for a full break down of the June 14 patch.

June 14th Update: New Weapon Tuning / Grind Weekend Playlist on All Platforms / CWL Anaheim Begins Today

New Weapon Tuning

On Tuesday, we tuned the Ballistic Knife and S6 Stingray to better match their performance with the rest of the game’s arsenal. In today’s update, we’ve reduced the damage ranges on the Peacekeeper to ensure better balance against other assault rifles, and we agreed with many of you that the Operator Mod on the S6 Stingray proved too strong with its original rate of fire. As a result, we’ve increased the burst delay between shots, giving players more time to evade the Stingray’s projectiles and reducing potential damage per burst with the Operator Mod.


Whether it’s brand new or a returning favorite, we design each weapon to feature a unique gameplay profile that feels fun to use while remaining balanced against other weapons. When that balance doesn’t seem quite right for any particular weapon, we’ll make tuning changes using a combination of back-end data and community feedback to keep the meta competitive and fresh for every weapon class. This is a design philosophy that we’ve upheld since the beginning of the series and will continue to maintain to ensure every play style can thrive.

Grind Weekend Playlist Now Live on All Platforms

Our Grind playlist is now live through 10AM PT Tuesday for all players, so get out there and get some wins in our new free MP map. We’re happy to bring this Black Ops II classic back for a new generation and we’re excited to see what you can do in it in Black Ops 4.

CWL Anaheim Begins Today

It’s finally here… the most iconic CWL event of the season kicks off today at 2PM PT with CWL Anaheim! This event is expected to surpass CWL Fort Worth as the most-attended open event in CWL history, with 16 Pro League teams competing in the Pro tournament and over 100 amateur teams fighting it out in the Open Bracket.


Tune into and cheer for your favorite teams all weekend long, including OpTic GamingFaZe ClaneUnited, and CWL London 2019 champs 100 Thieves. Who’s taking the trophy?

Much More to Come

Watch for our Treyarch Blog next week with full details on Black Ops 4’s upcoming Contracts system, including specifics on contract types, challenges, and rewards. As we mentioned earlier this week, we’re expanding the system to offer more contracts to choose from each day compared to previous games.

We’ve heard your requests for a wider variety of maps in Prop Hunt, and we’re planning to expand the map selection for both Prop Hunt and Capture the Flag in the near future. We’re also tracking an issue preventing MKII Weapons from leveling up properly, and we’re investigating a fix for an upcoming update. This update also fixes a Buy menu exploit in Heist and a recent issue with optics displaying properly on the Locus. Thanks as always for your reports and patience while we tackle new bugs as they come in.

Here’s what’s new with today’s update:


  • Weapons
    • Peacekeeper
      • Reduced damage ranges.
    • S6 Stingray
      • Increased burst delay while using the Operator Mod.
    • Locus
      • Addressed an issue that caused the reticles of some optics to be misaligned.
  • Game Modes
    • Heist
      • Closed an exploit where players could use Equipment during the Buy phase.
    • Capture the Flag
      • Matches can no longer end in a draw if no team captures the flag in round 3.
  • Specialists
    • Outrider
      • Hawk can now target enemies even after the controlling player has died.
    • Seraph
      • Closed an exploit where Seraph could get infinite respawns on a Tac-Deploy beacon.
  • Featured Playlists (June 14-18)
    • PS4/Xbox One
      • Grind
      • Capture the Flag
      • Bolt-Action Barebones Moshpit
      • Barebones Objective Moshpit
      • Prop Hunt
    • PC
      • Grind
      • Capture the Flag
      • Barebones Objective Moshpit


  • Featured Playlists (June 14-18)
    • PS4 (June 11-18)
      • Ground War
      • Alcatraz
      • Solo
      • Duos
      • Quads
    • Xbox One (June 11-18)
      • Ground War
      • Hot Pursuit
      • Solo
      • Duos
      • Quads
    • PC
      • Ground War
      • Hot Pursuit
      • Duos
  • Miscellaneous
    • General stability improvements.


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