Call of Duty

Black Ops 4: Best class setup for turning Mozu pistol into an unstoppable weapon in Multiplayer

Published: 12/Jan/2019 0:20 Updated: 12/Jan/2019 0:21

by Albert Petrosyan


Out of the three pistols available in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer, there is widespread agreement the Mozu is clearly the strongest option.

Not only is the Mozu the strongest pistol, with the right attachments it could be turned into a viable and very useful primary weapon, eliminating the need to spend pick-10 points on an actual primary and its attachments. 


So what set of attachments make the Mozu that powerful? CoD expert and YouTuber Drift0r explored this in a video he published about the popular revolver.

“The Mozu is easily the best secondary in Black Ops 4, even without attachments,” Drift0r claims. “With attachments, it becomes a godly primary weapon that should be feared.”


His video takes an in-depth look at the weapon, exploring its base stats and the boosts that it receives from certain attachments, and reveals which class setup would best maximize the Mozu’s potential. 


With the right attachments, the Mozu transcends from being the best secondary into a lethal primary weapon.

Taking a look at some of the important specifications of the Mozu, its damage profile is 62-46-29, which translates to 3-6 shots to kill. This can be reduced to two shots with the High Caliber attachment or even a single shot insta-kill with the Headsplitter Operator Mod.

The ADS time is 150 milliseconds but can be decreased to 100 with Quickdraw, although Drift0r does not recomment wasting a pick-10 slot on that. He also does not recommend using the Stabilizer attachment, as it does not offer much difference for closer range gunfights anyway. 


The attachment he does highly recommend is the Speed Reloader, which reduces the reload time from 4.05 seconds down to 1.2, a huge difference that is definitely worth taking advantage of.

All that considered, the class essentials that Drift0r recommends for the Mozu are the Compact Scope optic sight, Speed Reloader attachment, Headsplitter Operator Mod, and the Gung-Ho perk. 


This combination allows for accuracy at long range, quick recovery when reloading, devastating damage potential, and weapon agility when sprinting around. 

The remaining class points can be used on personally preferred perks and gear that would further complement the class, such as Dead Silence, Scavenger, and Stim Shot.