Black Ops 4 August 13 update patch notes – Pandemic changes, new content on Xbox One/PC and more

Albert Petrosyan

Call of Duty developers Treyarch have released an update in Black Ops 4 on August 13, introducing new content and changes in multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout battle royale.

Below, you can find everything there is to know about the patch, including new content on Xbox One and PC, changes to Blackout’s Pandemic mode, more fixes for the sliding issue, and the full patch notes. 

New content on Xbox One and PC

A week after being released on PlayStation 4, Operation Apocalypse Z: Survivors has finally made its way to the Xbox One and PC, due to Sony’s seven-day exclusivity agreement with Activision.

Included in this new content are three new modes – Infected: Final Stand in multiplayer, Pandemic in Blackout, and ‘Duck and Cover’ Gauntlet in Zombies

Additionally, the M16 tactical rifle and Havelina AA50 sniper rifle are now both available in multiplayer, and the new Tactical Bike vehicle in Blackout. 

charlieINTELThe Havelina AA50 sniper rifle and M16 tactical rifle are now both available on Xbox One and PC.

Major changes to Pandemic

Speaking of Pandemic in Blackout, Treyarch have implemented a series of major changes to the new mode in the v1.23 update.

Now, those infected have an increased sprint speed, melee lunge range, resistance to Barricade and fire damage, and climb speed, while the final Collapse delay has been reduced from 30 seconds to 10, and the time from 90 seconds to 75.

It appears that Pandemic is still very much a work in progress, as this is the second set of adjustments that the developers have made in as many updates. 

TreyarchThe v1.23 update introduced further changes to the Pandemic mode in Blackout.

More sliding fixes

The August 13 update has corrected the slide velocities for the Ajax, Outrider, Reaper, and Seraph Specialists, after an issue that popped up in the v1.22 patch was causing players to slide much faster and farther than before.

On August 9, Treyarch released a small update that fixed this sliding issue for many of the Specialists, however were unable to include the four listed above due to “technical limitations.”

The full patch notes for Black Ops 4’s v1.23 update is available in its entirety below, as provided by Treyarch on Reddit.

Operation Apocalypse Z: Survivors Now Live on Xbox One and PC

Operation Apocalypse Z: Survivors arrives today on Xbox One and PC with all-new Contraband rewards and new game content in all modes, including Infected: Final Stand in Multiplayer, Pandemic in Blackout, and the new “Duck and Cover” Gauntlet in Zombies. Our PC 1.21 update is also live today, delivering new weapon tuning and gameplay improvements across the board.

Today’s update delivers new zombie-friendly tuning changes to Pandemic, and restores the original slide velocity values for Ajax, Seraph, Outrider, and Reaper in Multiplayer. Check out the full patch notes below to see what’s new today.

Pandemic Tuning Changes

We’ve had a ton of fun playing Pandemic both here at the studio and online with all of you, and we’ve made some new tuning changes based on community feedback and game data to help out the infected team’s chances of victory. These changes include:

  • Increased infected sprint speed.
  • Increased infected ladder climb speed.
  • Increased infected melee lunge range.
  • Increased infected player resistance to Barricades and fire damage.
  • Reduced final Collapse delay from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Reduced final Collapse time from 90 seconds to 75 seconds.

This will allow the infected team to get to their targets faster, hit them sooner, and live longer against well-fortified survivors. We’re also slightly speeding up the action in the last Collapse to get everyone to the final showdown a bit faster. These updates should result in a more balanced ratio of victories between the two teams – jump in and let us know what you think!

Gorod Krovi Patch Incoming

Almost there, Black Ops 3 Zombies fans… our fix for the “Gorod Krovi” main quest outro cutscene is currently planned to deploy on consoles as early as Thursday, August 15th. Keep an eye on Twitter to be the first to know when the patch is live, and thanks for your patience while we get this one over the finish line.

CWL Champs Begins Tomorrow!

The 2019 Call of Duty World League season comes to an epic finale this week in Black Ops 4 at CWL Champs in Los Angeles! It all begins tomorrow at 10AM PT with two days of pool play between the best teams in the world, and then the main event kicks off at 10AM PT Friday, August 16th to determine which team comes out on top as the 2019 CWL World Champions.

Tune in to watch Call of Duty history in the making at and in the PS4 in-game live event viewer all week long.

Onto what’s new today:

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  • All platforms:
    • New Pandemic gameplay tuning and stability improvements in Blackout.
    • Corrected slide velocity values for Ajax, Seraph, Outrider, and Reaper.
    • Fixed an issue where the M16’s iron sights could appear misaligned.
    • Featured Playlist updates in Multiplayer and Blackout.
  • Xbox One/PC:
    • New Contraband rewards added, including an Ultra Weapon Bribe.
    • 1.21 update now live on PC.
    • Infected: Final Stand now live in Multiplayer.
    • Create-a-Class support added for M16 and Havelina AA50 weapons in Multiplayer.
    • Pandemic limited-time mode now live in Blackout.
    • Tactical Bike vehicle added to main map in Blackout.
    • Standard Alcatraz playlist replaces Alcatraz Horde in Blackout.
    • “Duck and Cover” Gauntlet now live for “Alpha Omega” in Zombies.
    • Support added for M16, Havelina AA50, and new MKII Weapons in Zombies.
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  • Gameplay
    • Corrected slide velocity values for Ajax, Outrider, Reaper, and Seraph.
  • Weapons
    • M16
      • Addressed an issue where the M16’s sight was sometimes misaligned.
  • Featured Playlists (August 13-20)
    • PS4/Xbox One
      • Infected: Final Stand
      • Chaos Control
      • Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit
      • Barebones Moshpit
      • Bolt-Action Barebones
    • PC
      • Infected: Final Stand
      • Barebones Deathmatch Moshpit
      • Endurance Chaos Moshpit


  • Pandemic
    • Ga
      • Increased infected sprint speed.
      • Increased infected melee lunge range.
      • Increased infected player resistance to Barricade and fire damage.
      • Increased infected ladder climb speed.
      • Reduced final Collapse delay from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.
      • Reduced final Collapse time from 90 seconds to 75 seconds.
    • Stability
      • Fixed a crash that could occur when a Hawk marked multiple survivors and infected players at once.
      • Fixed a crash that could occur after activating a Humiliation on multiple enemies.
      • Various general stability improvements.
  • Featured Playlists (August 13-20)
    • PS4/Xbox One
      • Pandemic
      • Alcatraz
      • Quads
      • Duos
      • Solo
    • PC
      • Pandemic
      • Alcatraz
      • Duos
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  • Limited-Time Modes
    • Pandemic
      • New limited-time mode now live.
      • Up to 80 players compete for survival. Once killed, players spawn in as a zombie.
      • Zombies have super speed, can jump higher, track enemies, see pulses of survivors on the map, stay underwater longer, don’t take fall damage, and cannot heal.
      • Zombies get two Hell’s Retriever axes per spawn, and earn two more upon getting a kill.
      • Zombies respawn every 10 seconds.
      • Win by being one of the last remaining survivors, or by wiping out all survivors as a member of the zombie horde.
    • Alcatraz Portals
      • Alcatraz Portals Horde playlist replaced by standard Alcatraz Portals playlist.
  • Vehicles
    • Tactical Bike
      • New motorcycle with sidecar now available on the main map.
      • Supports one driver and one passenger in the sidecar.
  • Easter Eggs
    • Added new Zombies-inspired Easter Eggs to discover.


  • Limited-Time Modes
    • Infected: Final Stand
      • New limited-time mode now live.
      • Players start on designated teams of Survivors vs. Zombies and switch teams each round.
      • Survivors have one life and can be revived. Zombies respawn using a limited pool of lives.
      • Survivors chose from pre-set classes. Zombies are equipped with Bowie Knives and Combat Axes.
      • Survivors win the round by surviving until the time limit, or by eliminating the Zombies team. Zombies win by eliminating all Survivors before the time limit.
      • First team to win four rounds wins the match.
  • Weapons
    • Added Create-a-Class support for M16 tactical rifle and Havelina AA50 sniper rifle.


  • Gauntlets
    • “Duck and Cover”
      • 30 rounds of new challenges with unique rules for each round in “Alpha Omega”.
      • Players earn medals, Calling Cards, and Nebulium Plasma rewards for completing rounds 10, 20, and 30, as well as a cosmetic reward for completing round 30 without failing a round.
      • Players are issued a Strike by failing a round, with the game ending after three Strikes.
  • Weapons
    • Added M16 and Havelina AA50 to Mystery Boxes.
    • Added Armory support for M16 and Havelina AA50.
    • Added Armory support for the newest MKII Weapons.
    • Recon scope on the Locus will no longer lose functionality when Pack-a-Punched.


  • Black Market
    • 60 new Tiers in the Operation Apocalypse Z: Survivors Contraband stream, including an Ultra Weapon Bribe, new Epic Outfits, Gestures, Reactive Camo, Jump Pack, Calling Cards, and more.
    • M16 tactical rifle and Havelina AA50 sniper rifle now available in Ultra Weapon Bribes and Reserves.
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  • Weapons
    • S6 Stingray
      • Slowed Operator Mod fire rate.
      • Slightly reduced Operator Mod explosive damage.
      • Reduced Operator Mod 2-hit kill range from 32 meters to 22 meters.
    • Daemon 3XB
      • “Imaginator” Mastercraft now levels up properly.
    • Rampart 17
      • Removed a white square that sometimes appeared with the Reflex optic equipped.
    • UI
      • Addressed an issue that sometimes caused Spectre’s Operator outfit to disappear in the menu.


  • Weapons
    • Added Ray Gun MKII variants as potential drops in Mystery Boxes.
    • Added wall buy weapons to Zombies-related locations in the main map.
    • Reduced the number of rockets required to destroy vehicles.


  • Weapons
    • Ray Gun MKII
      • Added the Ray Gun MKII to the Mystery Box in “Blood of the Dead” and “Classified”.
      • Added penetration to standard Ray Gun MKII blasts.
    • Reaver C86
      • Significantly increased damage.
      • Addressed an issue where the Compact Scope reticle could appear missing.
    • Argus
      • Significantly increased damage.
    • Locus
      • Significantly increased damage.
    • Ballistic Knife
      • Fixed a crash that could occur when Pack-a-Punching the Ballistic Knife with Dual Wield and either Clan Tag or Kill Counter equipped.
  • Perks
    • Blood Wolf Bite
      • Addressed an issue where picking up ammo drops from Luna would reduce Shield weapon ammo to zero.
  • Miscellaneous
    • “Alpha Omega”
      • Addressed an issue where players could get stuck between A.D.A.M. and a wall.
      • Addressed a rare progression break when a player disconnected while holding a Main Quest part.
      • Addressed a visual issue with the Primis Richtofen character model.
      • Closed an exploit where players were able to activate the generator event and leave the room before the doors dropped.
      • Closed an exploit spot in the Green House Backyard area.
    • “Blood of the Dead”
      • Addressed an issue where Hellhounds could flip upside down at the Docks.
      • Closed an exploit where players could get under the floor using a Special Weapon.


  • Contracts
    • Normal Contracts will now include at least one Contract with a Reserve Case reward in Multiplayer, World League, and Blackout each day, in addition to Hard Contracts that reward Reserve Cases. Normal Contracts in Zombies will always earn Nebulium Plasma or Reserve Cases in addition to bonus XP.
  • Paintjobs
    • Restored previously created Paintjobs that appeared missing due to a visual bug.


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