Bizarre Modern Warfare 2 bug bans players from early access Campaign

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign imageActivision

A bizarre Modern Warfare 2 bug appears to be banning players from the early access Campaign, which went live ahead of the full game’s launch on October 28. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is edging closer, with fans able to delve into the early access Campaign and get a true feel for Infinity Ward’s 2022 title. 

While reviews have been generally positive, some players have expressed frustration with the Campaign’s launch issues and proposed multiplayer changes ahead of the full game’s release. 

A new glitch has also surfaced, reportedly banning players from the single-player game with little reason. 

Modern Warfare 2 glitch appears to ban player from early access Campaign

Highlighted on October 22 by one player, they explained that they received a ban from the single player game without explanation. 

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Attached was a photo showing an in-game ban notification, which reads: “Connection Failed. You have been permanently banned from playing on the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 servers.” 

According to the Redditor, their game stopped working randomly whilst their Steam Deck was on in the background. They denied cheating and said: “My Steam Deck was on, and logged into my account when I was playing. Was also alt-tabbing to check the safe code for the cartel mission, then the game crashed without any error.” 

While some did not buy the cheating denials, others suggested that it could be teething issues for RICOCHET, perhaps mistaking a player verifying files as trying to alter them. 

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Activision have already promised an “upgraded” RICOCHET for the Modern Warfare 2 life cycle, but there’s been plenty of occasions in the past where players claim to have been wrongfully banned.

Others claimed similar bans have happened to them too, suggesting the issue might be more widespread. 

Modern Warfare 2 releases fully on October 28.