Here are the best guns to use in Black Ops 4 Hardcore modes

Connor Bennett

With updates for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 coming out left, right and center, fans trying to keep track of what gun is best for what game mode may have a tough time.

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However, Call of Duty expert and YouTuber TheXclusiveAce has been keeping with all of the updates and breaking down some other sides to the game too.

In a recent video that he published on November 24, Ace breaks down the best guns to use in Hardcore game modes, discussing each gun type, laying out those that will give a player the best chance at a one-shot kill and naming his favorite three to use in Hardcore modes.

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All guns in Hardcore have one-shot kill potential but hitmarkers can come about when shooting through a surface, shooting an enemy with armor, or even when shooting an enemy using Crash.

Range is also a big factor and Ace breaks that down, using attachments like Long Barrel and the Suppressor to indicate what boosts and drop-offs guns can have using them.

The YouTuber lists the ICR (Assault Rifle), Hades (LMG) and GKS (SMG) as his three favorites for Hardcore modes, going into detail and breaking down why.

A breakdown of the Assault Rifles in Hardcore.
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“Out of all of the SMGs, the one that feels the best to me in Hardcore is definitely the GKS,” Ace says.

“This just has to do with the fact that it’s extremely accurate, it’s got a very solid one-shot kill potential and you can increase that one-shot kill potential with long barrel as well, which is great.

“Also, since you get the handling of an SMG, this is just a great all-around gun for Hardcore modes.”

A breakdown of the SMGs.

“I would likely pick the ICR as the best Assault Rifle in Hardcore modes mainly just due to the fact that it’s extremely accurate and versatile.

“Having said that,” Ace adds, “You really can’t go wrong with any of the  Assault Rifles in this game aside from the Maddox.”

A breakdown of the LMGs.

“Out of all of the LMGs, I would say the Hades is definitely your best bet within Hardcore simply because it’s the most forgiving,” the YouTuber says whilst breaking down why that’s his favourite LMG.

“You can miss a couple of shots and still be able to land that one bullet that you need.”

You can view the full video below and get a glimpse of Ace’s breakdown for all the weapon types and his charting of their usability.