Why Atlanta FaZe will bounce back to win CoD Champs

. 11 months ago
Atlanta FaZe CoD Champs 2021

Despite an uncharacteristic early exit at the Stage 5 Major, Atlanta FaZe are still the 2021 Call of Duty League Championship favorites. Here’s why the formidable squad is in store for a huge rebound at Champs.

Barring the latest tournament, Atlanta FaZe has been all but dominant throughout the 2021 season. Top 2 finishes throughout the year has them entering Champs as the favorites, with a big rebound looking likely for the young lineup.

From the Tiny Terrors in Simp and aBeZy to Cellium’s slippery ways and Arcitys providing the AR beams, here’s why FaZe will be able to close out the Champs title.

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