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Atlanta Braves use Warzone menu to announce starting lineup for MLB Opening Day

Published: 2/Apr/2021 0:13

by Tanner Pierce


In honor of Opening Day in the MLB, the Atlanta Braves tweeted out a very unique video to announce their starting lineup – a surprisingly accurate parody of the Call of Duty: Warzone main menu.

At this point, everyone knows that Call of Duty and pro sports have a pretty close connection. It’s not uncommon to see NFL and MLB players either playing CoD or appearing in commercials for it. Now, the connection has gone even further.

In a new video posted to their official Twitter account, the Atlanta Braves channeled their inner love for Warzone to celebrate the start of the regular season. The video is a play on the game’s main menu and it’s pretty close to the real thing when you compare them side-by-side.


The Atlanta Braves released a video that’s very clearly a parody of the Warzone menu.

The video itself begins on a variation of the “start screen”, but rather than saying “Call of Duty: Warzone”, it reads “Atlanta Braves Starting Lineup” with the same font and color schemes as the original.

After that, it moves into the actual menu itself and while it isn’t a one-to-one recreation, it’s pretty close. There’s even a Message of the Day section, as well as a section for the player’s level, COD Points, and more.

There are some unique twists on the screen though, such as the tabs on the top including options for “gear,” “team”and “clubhouse” to better fit the MLB theme. And, of course, the background image is changed to feature each player, whose names are written in place of where the modes are usually located.


Call of Duty’s official Twitter account even responded to the video, saying that it was a “home run,” so the franchise clearly appreciates the team paying homage on such a big day.

All in all, it’s definitely a cool and unique approach and hopefully, we get to see more teams implement this sort of Warzone-themed announcements in the future.