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Asim reveals his top 3 ARs in the CDL ahead of Stage 4 Major

Published: 7/Jun/2021 13:36

by Jacob Hale


The Call of Duty League brings together the best CoD players in the world, competing for millions of dollars. An integral role on a team is the main assault rifle player, shutting down lanes and keeping objective points clear for your teammates. But who are the best?

A great AR performance can often be the difference in winning or losing. Look at Clayster’s Advanced Warfare world championships or FormaL’s Infinite Warfare Champs runs. They were almost impossible to compete against.

That’s why a consistently top-performing AR is so important. The very best teams will always have a dominant main AR leading the line — take a look, for example, at 100 Thieves’ Kenny. While SlasheR is an incredible player, Kenny has simply played better in the role, turning the team’s fortunes around completely.


But who are the very best in the CDL right now? With the Stage 4 Major and the return of LAN right around the corner, Asim turned up on ZooMaa’s The Flank to discuss the very best ARs right now.

new york subliners clayster
New York Subliners
Asim ranks NYSL teammate Clayster among the very best.

After a viewer asked whether Toronto Ultra’s Insight is the best AR in the league, the pair agreed that he’s definitely in the conversation, but pointed out that it’s hard to pin it down to one player.

While co-host Ben Nissim said that Insight is part of that conversation, he added that Arcitys and Clayster are also definitely up there, while FormaL drops in and out.


“Top three no question is Insight, Arcitys, Clayster, and then the fourth spot is FormaL, he comes and goes,” reiterates Asim.

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It’s hard to argue with this top three list. Atlanta, Toronto and New York are undoubtedly the top three teams in the game right now, and it shows in their AR dominance.

Clayster is having perhaps his best season since Advanced Warfare, leading NYSL to the top of the CDL, while Arcitys is always in contention for the best AR title. Meanwhile, Insight is a rookie in the league, but he completely turned Toronto Ultra around when replacing Methodz on the starting roster.


Clearly, if any team really wants to challenge these three, they might want to look at improving their AR output.