Among Us comes to Call of Duty in Black Ops Cold War with new Season 5 game mode

Brad Norton. Last updated: Aug 06, 2021
Black Ops Cold War Among Us

A new Among Us-style game mode is coming to the Call of Duty series with Black Ops Cold War’s Season 5 update. Here’s all there is to know about the new Double Agent playlist.

Activision is trying its hand at an Among Us-style mode in the CoD franchise. Double Agent arrives in the upcoming Season 5 patch for Cold War, allowing players to get in on Mafia-type fun.

Described as an “investigative multiplayer party experience,” Double Agent appears to play out just as you’d expect coming from Among Us. Ten players load into a map with a select few chosen as the undercover agents.

The secret killers must wipe out investigators one by one without letting their identity slip. All the while, two other roles are filled out as players try to uncover the true double agents within the group. 

Every game starts with players assigned to one of three roles at random. Double Agents are the killers tasked with eliminating everyone else. However, these players can also secure a win by detonating explosives around the map without being detected.

Next up is The Investigator. Upon finding clues, investigators can accuse suspicious players and try to reveal their real identities. 

Last but not least are the Operatives to add a special CoD twist on the Among Us structure. After suspected players have been called out, Operatives can then go in guns blazing to wipe out Double Agents before the game ends.

All three roles come with their own unique abilities and gameplay opportunities throughout a typical match. Double Agents can use Counter UAVs and Attack Helicopters while Investigators can use Hand Cannons and Trophy Systems to name a few.

Every player starts with a basic pistol. Though loadouts can be upgraded in the initial phase with more powerful weapons and equipment. 

Double Agent is playable with full groups in custom lobbies or with random players via online matchmaking. The Among Us-style mode goes live in Black Ops Cold War with the Season 5 update on Thursday, August 12.