All Warzone Season 5 teasers and what they mean

Daniel Cleary
train station in Warzone

Warzone content creators Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff, Tyler ‘Teep’ Polchow, and Jack ‘jackfrags’ Mason have received teasers from Activision about Season 5 of the battle royale – but what do they all mean?

The hype has been building for Season 5 of Warzone after it was revealed that Activision has been sending some of the game’s top streamers packages, which contains a USB drive with a brief video clip to share with their fans.

The three Warzone teasers that have been revealed so far, by NICKMERCS, Teep, and jackfrags, have hinted at details of an upcoming event in Verdansk, with all of the clips pointing to one date, August 5.

Downtown POI in warzone
A major in-game event is expected to take place in Warzone ahead of Season 5.

With Season 4 ending on August 5, it is safe to assume that Season 5 will be starting on the same day but Activision and Infinity Ward clearly have some big plans for their first major in-game event.

There has already been plenty of speculation surrounding this date, however, these teasers have now provided some major clues for Season 5, so let’s take a look at each of them and what they could all mean.

NICKMERCS’ Warzone Season 5 teaser

Popular Twitch streamer NICKMERCS was the first to receive one of these mysterious packages, on July 20, and he revealed that he had been given a ‘Black Rook’ chess piece, which stored a USB drive inside. Kolcheff opened it up during his stream and uncovered a video file on the USB, later sharing it for his fans to see.

The clip itself was a recording from one of the trains, near Verdansk’s Train Station, and displayed a helicopter flying overhead. However, many viewers took notice of the train’s horn which also went off during the teaser, suggesting that someone was occupying the train and signaling its departure.

The time and date of the event were also revealed during the brief video, as it is now expected to occur around 10:46 AM on August 5, although it is unclear how this will affect different time zones.

With the train expected to leave the station on August 5, this left many Warzone fans wondering just where it could be headed but the next two teasers seem to provide some more clues.

Teep’s Warzone Season 5 teaser

Call of Duty world champion Teep was another star to reveal a teaser for Season 5, however, he received a letter along with his chess piece, from Marcus Ortega of the Shadow Company.

The Shadow Company was previously featured in Modern Warfare 2’s campaign mode, as an elite unit under the command of General Shepherd, and it appears as if they are ready to make their return to the franchise in Warzone’s Season 5.

The letter shared some details about the private military unit and their mission, before issuing Teep a vague invite to “Find us on landing.” You can check out the full letter below.

screenshot of teep warzone season 5 teaser
The letter Teep received from the Shadow Company ahead of Warzone Season 5.

The clip that Teep shared took place twenty minutes after NICKMERCS’ teaser and was filmed inside a room that has not been seen before in Verdansk.

Towards the end of the footage, a massive explosion seemingly takes place nearby, which could mark some major map changes coming in Season 5.

Jackfrags’ Warzone Season 5 teaser

The footage in Jackfrags’ teaser happens just moments after the explosion in Teep’s video and reveals that at least some of the area has remained intact following the blast.

While it is hard to much out from the CCTV’s cracked lens, fans of the battle royale figured out that the clips that jackfrags and Teep received are both set to take place inside the stadium.

The codes on the top left of these teasers signify different areas around the map where these events will take place. With the first two characters referring to the location within Verdansk’s Grid, as seen below.

  • 6DTC7 = 6D Train Cart #7
  • 5GCONCRSEA3 = 5G concourse level A section #3
  • 5GTUNL2 = 5G Tunnel #2

With the explosion seemingly happening in 5G section of the map, players are now expecting the inside of the Stadium to finally become accessible.

Grid of verdansk map in warzone
Warzone’s Season 5 event is expected to happen in the 5G grid.

While it is unclear just what kind of role the train will play in the explosion or the event, fans should be able to witness it in-game for themselves when Season 5 rolls around on August 5.

Leakers also claimed that fans would be getting a reveal for the next Call of Duty 2020 title in a Warzone event, however, Activision or Infinity Ward has yet to reveal any clues suggesting this to be true.

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