Activision reveal major improvements to Vanguard anti-cheat as it goes live

Vanguard characters next to logoActivision

Call of Duty publisher Activision have revealed major improvements to anti-cheat system RICOCHET in Vanguard, making it considerably more difficult for cheaters to repeatedly offend. 

Call of Duty’s battle with cheaters has been incredibly pronounced since Warzone’s launch back in March 2020. The battle royale has been widely acclaimed in the CoD community, but has never quite got on top of its battle with cheaters and hackers.

Thankfully, the announcement of Vanguard and Warzone’s Pacific map saw confirmation that RICOCHET will be dropping in both CoD titles, a dedicated and specially formulated anti-cheat system.

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While it’s not yet live in Warzone, Sledgehammer have confirmed it is active in Vanguard, and is already helping the developers isolate and ban those manipulating the system to get ahead.

ricochet anti-cheat call of dutyActivision
RICOCHET is the name of CoD’s new anti-cheat system.

Call of Duty fans responded positively to the news and, on November 13, Activision provided another promising update on the anti-cheat system and how it is working in Vanguard.

In a blog post, they detailed how they have improved their anti-cheat for Vanguard, and how it will prevent cheaters from avoiding their system.

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“We have made changes to our security enforcement policy for Activision’s statement says. “Extreme or repeated violations of the security policy – such as in-game cheating – may result in a permanent suspension of all accounts… Permanent suspensions for security infractions may now apply franchise-wide, including Call as well as any past, present, and future titles in the  franchise.”

Activision statement on cheaters from blog postActivision
The full Activision statement on updates to their policy for Vanguard.

In short, cheaters won’t be able to simply create a new account to get around a ban on a previous account. Similarly, bans will be transferrable between CoD titles. A cheater found to be hacking in Vanguard will be banned from all CoD titles.

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It certainly won’t spell the end for all Call of Duty cheating, but it’s a major step forward.