Activision confirms new Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 5 release date

Cold War Warzone Season 5Activision

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 5 was set to go live on August 12, but its launch has been slightly delayed. Activision have now confirmed when the Season 5 update should be rolling out.

Update: August 11

Activision have revealed the new release date for Warzone Season 5, as well as BOCW, which is now slated for an August 13 release.

Of course, depending on time zones, players can start to downloading the BOCW & Warzone Season 5 patch starting Aug 12 9pm PST / Aug 13 12am EST / 5am BST.

That’s nearly a 24-hour delay of when players expected the patch, but can still go into the weekend with a whole new season’s worth of content to explore.

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The original story follows below…

In line with previous seasonal updates, the latest CoD patch was initially locked in for Thursday, August 12 with Season 5 going live across Cold War and Warzone. Hours out from the regular Cold War patch notes, however, and a delay now appears to be imminent.

Despite the initial target, no solid release date appears to be set in stone at the time of writing. The reason behind this potential delay also remains a mystery, though players began noticing some peculiarities ahead of any official announcement.

Early messaging across social media assured August 12 was the intended date. Though before long, the official CoD website changed to a vague message hinting at a release later ‘this week.’

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CoD patch delayedActivision
The “August 12” date no longer appears on the official Call of Duty site.

For PlayStation users specifically, seasonal patches often allow for pre-downloads of the sizable update files. This time around, the preload dates have already shifted three times, with no end in sight.

Obviously, new seasons bring the meatiest updates every few months so there are a ton of moving parts. From fresh map changes to additional weapons and of course, a new Battle Pass, the Season 5 update comes packing the typical assortment of new content.

If any single element is causing issues under the surface, it could have led to this uncharacteristic delay. Without any clarification from the developers though, the state of the Season 5 rollout remains unclear.

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At the time of writing, no new release date is set in stone. If plans change once again, however, we’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest.

Before the Season 5 update rolls out, be sure to brush up on everything we know thus far. Whether you’re exclusive to Warzone, a Cold War multiplayer fanatic, or even a hardcore Zombies player, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.