ACHES fires back at NAMELESS in heated CWL Pro League interview

Twitch / Call of Duty

Coming hot off a 3-1 victory over Heretics in the CWL Pro League, Team Envy captain Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price took a dig at his former teammate Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler, now sitting on the analyst desk.

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The pair last teamed together under Evil Geniuses, in the first half of the CoD: WWII season, but after being dropped from the team, NAMELESS effectively retired.

Meanwhile, with their new roster, ACHES went on to win the 2018 Call of Duty World Championship – his second in his long career.

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NAMELESS’ last team in competitive Call of Duty with Evil Geniuses, playing with ACHES.

On Twitter, NAMELESS had been particularly critical of Envy’s role changes, suggesting Price had “swindled” his teammates so he could run his preferred weapon.

After hearing NAMELESS’ suggestions and criticism, the two-time world champion took his chance in the post match interview to silence Wheeler.

“I put this guy on the desk, won a world championship,” ACHES said mockingly, “so, I’m not worried about it, this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

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As NAMELESS began to beckon inaudibly from the desk, ACHES simply dismissed his ramblings, concluding “the guy’s insane.”

After the broadcast returned to the analyst desk, NAMELESS got in the last word, claiming “he’s going to up here with me soon, we’re going to have a five person desk.”

Despite his jokes, ACHES and Envy don’t look like they’re planning on retirement any time soon. Their current record in the Pro League is only narrowly missing out on playoff contention, holding the same 7-6 record as 4th place Splyce.

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Their next match, against 100 Thieves, will likely be their most challenging yet though, and ACHES will need to carry his confidence from the Heretics match through their remaining fixtures, if they are to secure top four.