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OpTic members respond to claims that CoD team is being sold

Published: 28/May/2019 9:55 Updated: 28/May/2019 10:34

by Matt Porter


reported that OpTic Gaming would be dismantled entirely, with players being sold off to other teams following CWL Anaheim.

Unsurprisingly, this stunned Call of Duty fans, but Crimsix and MBoZe’s reactions to the rumors may provide OpTic fans with some hope that these are not credible.

MLGCoDBurner claims OpTic Gaming’s CoD team will be sold off to a number of different teams.
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Crimsix sarcastically shuts down CoDBurner report

In a comment posted on /r/CoDCompetitive, Crimsix shot down reports that they were going to be forced off OpTic following Anaheim, sarcastically writing “Spot on!!!” in response to the CoDBurner’s claims.

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Fans of the player then noticed that he had changed his Twitter bio to read that he played for “Hector’s OpTic Gaming,” clearly showing his support for the OpTic Gaming CEO as he attempts to secure control of the legendary organization.


Twitter: OpTic_CrimsixCrimsix updated his Twitter bio to state he played for “Hector’s OpTic Gaming.”

MBoZe calls CoDBurner’s leak “untrue”

While Crimsix may have been subtle in his shut down of the CoDBurner, long-time OpTic member MBoZe pulled no punches, tweeting that everything the mysterious leaker had posted was wrong.