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FaZe Clan’s Priestahh went for style points in this 20-kill Blackout game

Published: 13/Nov/2018 19:36 Updated: 13/Nov/2018 19:53

by Mitch Reames


Preston ‘Priestahh’ Grenier went off-roading to finish out a 20-kill game of Blackout while on Attach’s stream.

With eight kills, 29 people still remaining, and all of his teammates dead, Priestahh had his work cut out for him.

He quickly avenged ZooMaa and brought his kills into double digits, but he had a long way to travel for the next circle and no backup.

Then he started popping off with the sniper, taking out full squads by himself and destroying the lobby.

Finally, it was just him and one other player. With 19 kills, Priestahh pulled out his sniper and got a couple armor shots. Then, while running by a four-wheeler, he decided to go for the style points.

Before that clip, Priestahh chased the player around and around that big tree with his spectating squad dying of laughter.

There were a couple of very close calls as the final player acted like a matador to Priestahh’s charging bull.

Priestahh charged at him 12 times in total before finally getting the kill.

After the ninth attempt he had to retreat behind a rock to use a trauma kit, but he was committed and hopped back on the four-wheeler to make sure the bull came out on top.

Call of Duty

Drift0r explains why Warzone “isn’t worth” playing anymore

Published: 26/Jan/2021 22:07

by Tanner Pierce


Popular Call of Duty YouTuber Drift0r has released a new video explaining why he thinks Warzone isn’t worth playing anymore due to the number of cheaters in the game, confirming that he is on the brink of “jumping ship” with the battle royale title.

If you’ve been wondering if/when larger content creators and streamers would abandon Warzone due to the lack of an anti-cheat software then wonder no more.

Today, Drift0r – one of the more prominent content creators in the CoD scene – has made a video slamming Warzone for its inability to deal with all the rampant cheating and it seems like the issue has brought him to a breaking point with the game.

“It’s difficult enough with skill-based matchmaking as it is, having to play the sweatiest top 1% players, that’s a challenge in-and-0f-itself that I don’t particularly like for battle royale, but adding in blatant aim-botters on top of that makes the game painfully unfun,” Drift0r said.

According to Drift0r, the cheating in Warzone has become such a problem that he’s considering leaving the game behind.

In the 10-minute long video, the YouTuber says the cheating problem is making him not want to play the game anymore, claiming that he runs into at least “two to three cheaters a night.”

Because of this, and the fact that interest in the game is waning, he contends that he doesn’t feel like the game is worth playing because of the cheating problem.

“I really like Warzone, you can look at my videos, it’s my number 1 most favorite CoD thing to play, but I’m planning to jump ship,” he said. “I got up this morning and I made the decision: I’m going to go ahead and keep making videos but I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t think it’s worth playing anymore.”

Cheating is a major problem for the CoD community right now. The PC version of Warzone is riddled with cheaters and hackers, whether they use external software or manipulate the skill-based matchmaking system to get lower-tier lobbies, to the point where major tournaments have been ruined and lost integrity.

All indications are that Drift0r is not alone in sharing this sentiment; the content creators he’s talked to feel a similar way, claiming they are all ready to “jump ship” as well once a viable game comes along that protects them from cheaters.

Because of this, it seems like the future of Warzone is going to be a turbulent one if Activision doesn’t do anything about the state of the game soon, especially when it comes to the cheating problem.