Team Tommey wins OpTic Texas $100K Warzone tournament: Full results Day 1 & Day 2

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OpTic Texas just kicked off Warzone Pacific Season 2 with a bang as $100,000 was on the line in one of the year’s biggest tournaments. While bbreadman closed out the Day 1 Solo Yolo win and Team Tommey came away victorious in Day 2’s Trios customs, we’ve got you covered with a full recap of how it all unfolded.

  • Tommey, Almond, & Newbz close out $85,000 Trios Customs event.
  • bbreadman wins $15,000 Solo Yolo event.
  • Official Call of Duty Twitch channel hosted.

After a handful of smaller events to start the month, OpTic Texas just took things to a whole new level in February with one of the biggest Warzone competitions yet.

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$100,000 was up for grabs in separate competitions as Warzone’s top talent dropped in for two days of action. 

With the tournament now wrapped up, we’ve got you covered with a full recap of the OpTic Warzone event.

OpTic Texas $100K Warzone event: Day 2 Trios Customs placements

Placement Team
1st Tommey, Almond, & Newbz
2nd WarsZ, Skullface49, & Hisokat42
3rd JoeWo, bbreadman, & Prxdigy
4th MrDaft, ItsEyeQew, & Zcolorss
5th HusKerrs, Scummn, & UnRationaL
6th Swagg, Biffle, & Booya
7th Chrxnichle, Royalize, & Braxtvn
8th SuperEvan, Zsmit, & Stukawaki

OpTic Texas $100K Warzone event: Day 2 results & recap

With 25 Trios all dropping into the same instance of Caldera, Day 2 of Optic’s tournament was sweatier than ever. $85,000 was up for grabs so unsurprisingly, everyone was giving it their all across the custom lobbies.

While a handful of established Trios led by the likes of SuperEvan, Swagg, and HusKerrs all found success at various stages, it was consistency that won out in the end.

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Given their near-flawless run in the new Warzone map – one that’s seen Tommey launch to the top of the game’s highest-earners list – it was the TBE crew that proved to be the most consistent when it mattered.

Tommey, Almond, and Newbz were ahead of the curve throughout the day as the Trio took out yet another Caldera customs event.

OpTic Texas $100K Warzone event: Day 1 Solo Yolo results

The first leg of the $100K event took place on February 15 as a full lobby of individual players looked to outlast their competition. It was everyone for themselves during the Solo Yolo competition with only one chance at glory.

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There were no restarts, no second or third attempts, just one lobby and one player walking away with the full $15,000 prize.

It all came down to a final standoff between IceManIsaac, Fifakill, and bbreadman as the final circle collapsed.

After a quick 1v1 left Fifa wounded, bbreadman pushed up and capitalized for the final kill to secure the ultimate Solo Yolo win.

OpTic Texas $100K Warzone event: Streams & Schedule

The $100K OpTic Texas Warzone tournament was streamed live on the official Call of Duty Twitch channel. As always, fans could also tune into their favorite players directly as every competitor was required to stream their POV.

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Action was split across two days for this event. It all kicked off with the Solo Yolo tournament on Tuesday, February 15, followed closely by the Trios Customs competition on Wednesday, February 16

OpTic Texas $100K Warzone event: Format

Rather than a standard Warzone format, OpTic split its competition across two days with distinct rulesets. 

Up first was the Solo Yolo portion of the event that mirrored the World Series of Warzone competition. Every individual was fighting for themselves in this phase of the event as $15,000 was up for grabs in just a single custom lobby.

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While Scump won the last solo lobby, the King couldn’t quite go back to back this time around.

scump and dashy optic chicagoCall of Duty League
Scump was looking to take out OpTic’s own Solo event after his huge WSOW win.

On day two came the Trios Customs format which was more familiar to experienced Warzone pros.

Teams of three battled across Caldera and were awarded for not just their kills, but their placement too.

OpTic Texas $100K Warzone event: Teams & Players

While not every team was locked in until the final day, OpTic’s tournament was stacked full of top Warzone talent.

Check out the full list of every Trio below.

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ZLaner, Destroy, Intechs Sebas, TrickRick, Devise Robstar, Lenun, Finessen HusKerrs, Scummn, UnRationaL JoeWo, bbreadman, Prxdigy
Holly, SupAustyn, ffuel Chrxnicle, Royalize, Braxtvn Exzachtt, Braalik, ForeignJase Bartonologist, Number1Girl, Fukluvey IcemanIsaac, Ebatez, Arrayz
Angelwalksca, TestyFPS, Amepilepsy Tommey, Almond, Newbz Rated, Mayappo, OtterEyes Bloo, Ahtract, Flxnked Jukeyz, Aydan, Fifakill
PicknickBasket, Nickool, Basedgodxenon OakleyBoiii, VKreugerr, Jujusaiyan MrDaft, ItsEyeQew, Zcolorss Swagg, Biffle, Booya LEGIQN, Apathy, DJmas23
iSmixie, ZJelly, Kenrosey SuperEvan, Zsmit, Stukawaki Blazt, Slacked, MuTeX WarsZ, Skullface49, Hisokat42 ShawnJ, Dr3aa, Xamzah

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