David Beckham’s Guild Esports receives £3.6m mystery sponsorship

Adam Fitch
David Beckham Guild Esports

Guild Esports, the esports organization that counts David Beckham as a co-owner, has entered a £3.6 million sponsorship deal — though the company they will be sponsored by has yet to be revealed.

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Despite being incorporated in September 2019, this is the first sponsorship deal that the organization has entered into. Having listed on the London Stock Exchange on October 2, Guild Esports had to declare this deal despite not being ready to announce who it’s with.

The declaration explains that the deal is with a “new European fintech company serving esports fans” and will be officially unveiled at a “global event” on November 22.

The sponsorship guarantees Guild Esports an annual fee of £1.1m ($1.43m) in the first year, £1.2m ($1.56m) in the second year, and £1.3m ($1.69m) in the third and final year of the agreement — totalling a sizeable sum of £3.6m ($4.68m).

Guild Esports competes in Rocket League
Guild Esports competes in Psyonix’s Rocket League.

The unknown company will advertise themselves through their new partner through brand and logo placements on team jerseys, live streams, and “other marketing initiatives” which will presumably be unveiled during the aforementioned event.

“We are delighted to announce our first major sponsorship deal which will generate significant revenues for the Company,” said Guild’s executive chairman, Carleton Curtis.

“The rapidly growing mass popularity of esports is attracting considerable interest from advertisers and consumer brands, which has generated a strong pipeline of potential business for Guild. We look forward to working closely with our maiden sponsor to introduce their brand to our fans.”

Guild Esports on the London Stock Exchange

The organization tapped a major player in the world of partnerships to take care of their commercial deals in August. MediaCom Sports and Entertainment is in charge of their partnerships strategy and also works with the likes of Toyota, Coca-Cola, American Airlines, and Subway.

While it’s unclear what the sponsorship money will be used for, it’s been stated that Guild Esports will expand into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Fortnite. The former is notoriously expensive and receiving £3.6m across three years could help to make it a viable option.

Earlier this month, Guild Esports completed their floatation on the London Stock Exchange with a total figure of £41.2m despite only competing in Rocket League and FIFA – two titles that don’t provide the security of a closed, franchise league.