Muay Thai fighter’s gruesome broken nose goes viral after brutal punch

Hunter Haas
A Muay Thai fighter goes viral online after disgusting broken nose incident

Thai Fight is a Muay Thai promotion located in Bangkok, Thailand. A recent fight between PTT Petchrungruang and Shayan Heydari has gone viral after a disgusting broken nose.

Thai Fight was founded in 2009 and has put on hundreds of shows over the past decade and a half. On March 24, two fighters took the ring, resulting in a viral clip for the ages.

In the video, Shayan Heydari defends his opponent’s jab in the second round. But PTT Petchrungruang snuck an uppercut through Heydari’s guard and gave him a “free nose job,” as one X account put it.

Petchrungruang hit Heydari directly in the center of his face, causing his nose to snap, almost looking like it would completely fly off his body.

Although Heydari tried to re-place his nose and keep fighting, the blood was spilling out, and the referee had no choice but to call the match.

The medical staff agreed to end the fight, giving Petchrungruang a TKO victory to pair with his legendary uppercut clip.

The announcers even remarked, “[Petchrungruang] just sent his nose to another dimension, I must say!”

As expected, fans on social media had fun at the expense of Heydari — specifically his nose.

Another fan pointed out the wicked sound that occurred upon impact. 

Many others call it the worst broken nose they’ve seen on camera, which is a hard claim to refute given the graphic nature of Heydari’s nose.

Petchrungruang couldn’t have landed a cleaner uppercut, and Heydari now finds himself on the wrong side of an all-time boxing clip.

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