Devin Haney hits back after Ryan Garcia leaks Gervonta Davis sparring session

Liam Corless
A teenage Haney sparred Davis

Devin Haney has accused Ryan Garcia’s team of editing footage from his famous sparring session with Gervonta Davis.

Haney, now 25, was a teenager when he sparred with Davis, who is four years older than the Californian, and a 103-second clip shared by Garcia of the session on Twitter shows Davis dominating the youngster in the ring.

However, Haney took to X to accuse Garcia of sharing a “chopped up edited” version of the session in order to make it look worse than it was.

Haney wrote: “Never did they post a chopped up edited video.. 16 years old & in there holding my own. We bet AB pops & he honored it & paid! Ryan we watched u quit we are not the same & never will be tune in April 20th I’ll show it!”

Haney previously claimed to have “beaten the s***” out of Davis in the session.

Fans unimpressed with Garcia

Fight fans on X had their say on the video leak, with one suggesting that Garcia was wrong to share it.

“I don’t understand why Garcia would go this low,” they wrote. “Sparring is not meant to be a real fight and you’re not supposed to share footage of it. This is just low smh.

“Sparring is meant to be a way for you to get better and to hone your craft. This does nothing to make Haney look inferior. Disappointed in Ryan tbh.”

Another wrote: “17 year old Haney didn’t get knocked down and 17 year old Haney didn’t take a knee. 24 year old Ryan did.”

Meanwhile, the second leg of the Haney-Garcia press conference tour took place in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Haney had originally said he wouldn’t be turning up for it due to Garcia’s behaviour in the build-up. Garcia had claimed he was “high as f***” in a Space on X as he spoke about the fight in midweek.

Garcia arrived to the press conference on horseback before proceeding to defend his social media actions. “I want to clarify some things,” Garcia said. “I don’t do cocaine. I drink and I smoke weed, and so does the majority in this room.”

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