Gervonta Davis speaks out after Devin Haney sparring video leaked

Liam Corless
Davis responded to the video

Gervonta Davis has hit back at Shakur Stevenson after Stevenson commented on the leaked video of Davis’ sparring session with Devin Haney.

Haney, now 25, was a teenager when he faced ‘Tank’, four years his senior, in a sparring session several years ago.

The session had been spoken about publicly in recent years by some of the people who were present to witness it, including Adrien Broner and Floyd Mayweather Snr, but until now no footage had been publicly available.

Ryan Garcia leaked clip on YouTube

That changed when Ryan Garcia uploaded a 103-second clip of the session to YouTube, which appeared to show Davis dominating Haney in the ring.

Haney had previously claimed to have “beaten the s***” out of Davis, and responded to the leaked video by accusing Garcia’s team of cropping the video to make it reflect badly on him.

Haney wrote on X: “Never did they post a chopped up edited video.. 16 years old & in there holding my own. We bet AB pops & he honored it & paid! Ryan we watched u quit we are not the same & never will be tune in April 20th I’ll show it!”

Lightweight world champion Stevenson, who Davis called out for a fight last year, commented on the video: “Never in my life have I taken a beating like that by any fighter, good lord.”

Davis, in a now-deleted tweet, responded to Stevenson, writing: “You know what’s up too.”

Davis and Haney are both undefeated in their professional careers and a meeting between the pair will be on the cards if they each win their next fights against Frank Martin and Garcia respectively.

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