Battlefield V’s controversial ‘profanity filter’ will be changed for launch

Calum Patterson

The controversial ‘profanity filter’ used in the Battlefield V beta, which would censor phrases such as ‘DLC’ and ‘White man’, will be made an optional feature in the full game.

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After the Battlefield V open beta, one of the main talking points wasn’t gameplay, new features or bugs – but rather the new ‘profanity filter’, which was intended to lessen toxicity in the in-game chat on PC.

However, the filter was blocking some peculiar phrases, including ‘DLC’, ‘White man’, ‘Nazi’ and ‘Titanfall’, which was mocked by a lot of players online.

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Following the beta, DICE said regarding the profanity filter, they were “evaluating the Open Beta feedback and are making many adjustments for launch”.

EA Community Manager, Jeff Braddock, explained that the filter was a “work in progress”, and that these words should not have been censored.

Now though, it looks like the profanity filter will not be enforced when the full game releases on November 20, but will be an optional feature that can be turned on or off.

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In their blog post entitled “What we learned from the Battlefield V Open Beta”, DICE mentioned various aspects of game play, including player visibility, bleed out times and time to kill.

The game has been surrounded by controversy since its announcement, but there is still a huge passionate fan base who are optimistic that the final game can exceed expectations, and there is a lot of anticipation for the battle royale mode ‘Firestorm’.