Boogie2988 claims Battlefield V is in trouble after beta

Battlefield V’s private beta ended on September 11 and some in the community, like Youtuber Boogie2988, said the response does not bode well for EA’s latest first person shooter.

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For a variety of reasons, including controversy surrounding the strange chat filter, expectations for Battlefield V dropped in the first few days of the beta — which Boogie indicated didn’t seem to help things much.

“A lot of fans were expecting the worst and, based on the beta, it looks like a lot of fans got the worst,” Boogie told viewers in the video posted September 18.

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“It does look like,” he continued, “A lot of people who played the beta extensively and know the series a lot they say it seems very light on content when it comes to the number of guns you can unlock, the number of maps, number of game modes and stuff like that.”

The game also seems unpolished to Boogie, and he wonders why the game uses the term “fast bullets” instead of “high velocity rounds” which has been featured in previous Battlefield games.

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Boogie said based on the beta impressions, he might pass on buying and playing the game.

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It seems like Battlefield fans might have the same ideas, with EA stock falling 11.9% after the announcement that Battlefield V would be delayed from its original release date of October 19 to November 20.