Battlefield 2042 season 1 delay reignites refund demands for failing shooter

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Battlefield 2042’s troubled launch hit a new low when developer DICE announced it would be delaying the long-awaited Season 1. The news sparked an angry backlash from the community, and players are once again asking for their money back.

The release of Battlefield 2042 has been something of a disaster for EA and DICE. A negative critical and fan reception led to “disappointing” sales of the FPS sequel, with the player count hitting worrying lows not even three months after launch.

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After weeks of bugs and glitches, some fans began to wonder if the game could be saved at all. Season 1, for many, was the last hope to inject some into life into the shooter, and give them a reason to keep coming back.

But the recent news that Battlefield 2042 Season 1 is being delayed until early summer appears to have been the final straw. Many players are now demanding refunds on the game they bought back in November.

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Battlefield 2042 has been plagued by issues, resulting in the Season 1 delay.

Following the announcement that Season 1 will be coming later than expected, fans wasted no time in expressing their anger. A Reddit thread kickstarted by Quantum_Force received over 4,500 replies, with plenty hitting out at DICE for the delay.

“Early summer? Now I officially feel robbed,” said one reply. “Game is dead as hell already, it’s gonna be a graveyard by the time the first season finally drops.”

The Season 1 Battle Pass had already been sold as part of the Year 1 Pass, available separately or as part of the Gold and Ultimate Editions of the game. However, the delay means players will have to wait to see any reward for their purchase.

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What an absolute disgrace this has been from EA and DICE. Utterly ruinous to the franchise,” said another reply. “How on Earth were they taking money from people for a game and year one season pass that was never going to be ready in time?”

The disappointment of the delay has reignited calls for refunds on players’ copies of Battlefield 2042. Anyone who purchased at launch is well outside of the normal refund window, but fans are hoping to get their money back given the circumstances.

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“Nope, that’s the last straw. I will be contacting Microsoft today. I know it is significantly past launch but I still have less than 10 hours on this game and it’s already been barren. I pray I can get a refund cause this is simply inexcusable and insulting to long-time fans of the franchise.”

“I am calling Sony on a daily basis until I get a refund for this pile of f*****g garbage,” said another reply. “I will never buy another EA game in my entire life.”

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DICE did confirm in the announcement they would be offering a free bundle to anyone who bought the Year 1 Pass, containing weapons, skins, and a player card. However, players clearly feel that more drastic action is needed to save Battlefield’s reputation.

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