Does Battlefield 2042 have voice chat?

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Voice chat seems like such a basic feature that you don’t think twice about it. But Battlefield 2042 has been guilty of missing some crucial features, is voice chat one of them?

Battlefield 2042 was supposed to the game to really kickstart the franchise, sell millions of copies and restore the series to its former glory. This hasn’t proved to be the case though, with players aggressively pursuing refunds and the game’s player base dropping hard.

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One of the reasons has been its lack of features and poorly implemented ideas. It will be several months after the game’s release until a fully integrated scoreboard will be viewable after all. Whereas another setting that some players are still unsure about is voice chat.

Does it exist and is simply hidden away in the game’s settings? Or is it another startling omission that will be added later on down the road?

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Teamwork is unbelievably important in Battlefield 2042, so a lack of voice chat is baffling.

Is voice chat in Battlefield 2042?

To keep this short and sweet, no, it does not.

For whatever reason, EA and DICE have not deemed the typically default setting to be a priority, and it currently does not exist in Battlefield 2042.

Alternative Battlefield 2042 voice chat methods

For players that want to be able to communicate with each other mid-game, it’s advised they use their platform’s built-in voice chat features. For example, PlayStation 5 users will need to create a group chat that someone else can join, but they will not be able to talk to non-friends in-game.

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When will Battlefield 2042 get voice chat?

The Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter page offered an update on January 19, 2022, that discussed ‘Matchmaking Preferences in All-Out Warfare and All Platform VOIP’. The Tweet said: “These are both still on our radar. No updates on these two today but we wanted to reassure you all that these are still front of mind and we’ll have more to show and share on these topics further down the line.”

So there’s no indication that voice chat will be coming anytime soon to the game, but EA have made it clear that they are working on its functionality and implementation.

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