Baldur’s Gate 3 players reveal what actions they take every single run

Michelle Cornelia
Baldur's Gate 3 Alfira

While every Baldur’s Gate 3 run can feel completely different, sometimes there are just certain things or paths that players tend to do regardless.

The beauty of Baldur’s Gate 3 is that the game allows players to make their own choices that can ultimately impact the storyline, relationships, and so much more. And with tons of dialogues and cutscenes, each run can feel completely different and fresh.

With that in mind, as a player, sometimes there are just certain habits that we tend to repeat regardless of the playthrough. Personally, I tend to save scum. A lot. Failed that Wisdom check? Better go back and reroll.

As it turns out, this is just one of the common things players tend to do, as seen in a Reddit thread discussing actions regularly chosen in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Save scumming aside, there are others who shared interesting insights regarding what actions they would often do in the game.

For one player, it’s reorganizing their PS5 radials across all characters in this particular order: main attack options, alternative attacks/arrows/throwables, universal actions, healing and buffing, and miscellaneous.

Meanwhile, a different user admitted that they would style the characters “in the most attractive armor” regardless of how bad the stats are. “I like to think of it as vanity difficulty mode,” they explained.

And when it comes to actions that players would take in their run, romance is one thing that’s hard not to talk about. 

One player mentioned that they’re always romancing Shadowheart solely because she says, “We need each other” in a certain tone; “I forget I was planning on doing something different this run.”

“Force quit the app in Honor Mode when about to die,” mentioned another player. Some players said they would do the same thing, especially when they fail a check or accidentally “aggroed everyone in camp.”

Either way, everyone has their preference regarding their playthrough – even I’m constantly drawn to speak to the squirrel and scold it. Animal handling is just way too much fun.

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