Baldur’s Gate 3 missing dialogue options forces player to embrace the dark side

Eleni Thomas
A screenshot from the game Baldur's Gate 3

A Baldur’s Gate 3 player has had their honour mode run ruined after they were forced to join the dark side thanks to missing dialogue options during Act 2.

Part of what has made Baldur’s Gate 3 such a hit within the gaming community is the vast array of options and replayability it encourages.

Almost every interaction offers up multiple dialogue options, with each setting players down a whole new path and altering the end game of the story in a major way.

For one Baldur’s Gate 3 player, a crucial moment of the game saw them forced to embrace the dark side after only one dialogue option was available to select. This player shared the moment via Reddit and expressed their confusion at being blocked from choosing any of the other dialogue options.

The initial poster explained how during a particular moment in Act 2, the only dialogue option they were left with sent them straight to the dark side.

“It was in my honour mode run that I noticed this since I always save scum, at the end of act 2 I did not kill Isobel, and the butler wanted me to kill my companion instead, I failed the resist the dark urge saving throw however and ended up killing Gale. 

“Despite expressing regret after the kill, the only dialogue option you have in the next morning to the others confronting you is basically go full dark side or lie? Why can’t I tell them I did not want this to happen or anything less threatening to them?”

Fellow BG3 players were quick to flood the Reddit thread with their own thoughts on the situation. Many banding together to help solve the mystery of the missing dialogue options.

One Redditor explained how, “I think the game considers you as embracing the urge since you failed to resist. I had a similar HM where Isobel ended up dead (not by me) and I could only show off as the slayer.”

The initial poster then replied to the comment, revealing that this locked dialogue moment “ruined” their honour run of the game.

byu/TheBanana029 from discussion

“I thought it was weird because the game usually considers all facets of what you want to express, like there are even dialogue options to express there are too many dialogues. But this just seems kinda hand-heldy not typical of the norm of this game.

“The deception check is a DC 30, and other options lead directly into combat with the rest of the camp. Better luck next time.”

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