YouTuber Arekkz Gaming finds Thor’s Hammer in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla Thor's Hammer

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla lets players live out their Viking fantasies, so it makes sense that one of the most iconic weapons makes an appearance. Here’s how you can obtain Thor’s hammer. 

Ubisoft’s latest open-world game is less about stealth and more about brute force – after all, Vikings aren’t exactly known for their subtlety. From gigantic two-handed swords to the lightning-fast slashes of the one-handed axe, there’s a weapon for every kind of playstyle. Of course, just like previous Assassin’s Creed games, some are much more powerful than others. 

One of the most lethal weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is none other than Thor’s hammer, which has been found by YouTuber Arekkz Gaming.

This thunder-infused hammer doesn’t just look incredibly cool, it’s devastatingly powerful. If you wish to add Mjolnir to your arsenal and wield the power of the gods, then make sure you follow the guide below. 

How to find Thor’s armor

In order to wield Thor’s mighty hammer for yourself, you’ll first need to get your hands on his armor. Killing three witches will drop a piece of Thor’s armor and a dagger, which you will need if you wish to get Mjolnir. The three witches can be found in the following locations:

  • Found in East Anglia just northwest of the Ruined Tower. 
  • Found on the west side of East Anglia in the Berkelow Bog.
  • Found in the northern section of Grantebridgescire in Spalda Fens.

Once you have killed all three witches and secured their three daggers, it’s time to head back over to East Anglia. There is a crypt on the eastern side of the map (directly west of the Yare River). Head to this location and enter the small building. 

Simply insert each of the three daggers into the statue at the back of the crypt. This will give you access to the hidden room and enable you to claim Thor’s Helmet. The last piece of Thor’s armor requires you to do an endgame piece of content, so be aware of the heavy spoilers below

The final piece of Thor’s armor can be claimed by killing every single target in the Order menu. Simply follow the clues under each target to find out where each one can be located. As soon as you’ve killed each of the Order’s targets, head back over to your settlement and turn in all the medallions over to the Hidden Ones Bureau. 

Hytham will reward you with the final piece of Thor’s armor, allowing you to finally wield Thor’s mighty hammer. 

Thor’s hammer location

Assassin's Creed Valhalla map
Thor’s hammer can be incredibly easy to miss the first time around.

Before you can equip Thor’s hammer, make sure you equip each piece of the god’s armor. Mjolnir can be found in Norway in the Hordafylke section of the map. Head northeast and travel to the very top of the ice-capped mountain. Once at the top, you’ll find Thor’s hammer hidden amongst some rocks, so make sure you keep your eye out for this weapon when you’ve made it to the top of the mountain. 

Simply interact with the legendary hammer to begin wielding this godly hammer and crush your enemies with deadly lightning-based attacks. Mjolnir has the following stats:

  • Atk: 130
  • Stun: 166
  • Wgt: 10
  • Spd: 44
  • Crit-Pre: 95

Every hit has a chance to stun all enemies around you, making it an extremely powerful weapon when dual wielding. Meanwhile, Thor’s armor has a set bonus that increases speed whenever you stun an enemy and increases the stun duration, so be sure to make use of this god’s powerful gear as you journey across England. 

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