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Why Apex Legends wasn’t the “Fortnite killer” after all

Published: 4/Jun/2019 0:10 Updated: 14/Jun/2019 19:54

by Bill Cooney


When Apex Legends launched in February 2019, a lot of people thought it was the beginning of the end for Epic Games and Fortnite, but new data shows Respawn’s battle royale wasn’t able to keep its early momentum on Twitch.

A few days after release Apex Legends already had more than 2.5 million players, and by the beginning of March that number ballooned to more than 50 million users.


Apex was also dominating Fortnite in viewer numbers on Twitch until the middle of March – since then Fortnite has regained the top spot.

ThinknumApex started out strong, but Fortnite was able to take back the top Twitch spot in the middle of March.

What do the numbers say?

When Apex came out in early February, it seemed like it could be the game to finally dethrone Fortnite from on top of the Twitch most-viewed.


New data from Thinknum shows that that the honeymoon period didn’t last long, however, and Fortnite went back on top on March 19, never to be overtaken by Apex again.

ThinknumWhen it came to concurrent views, Apex barely got ahead of Fortnite.

This drop off also coincides with the end of EA’s multi-million dollar campaign to pay top Twitch streamers to play the game, so when Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins stopped playing Apex, his viewers stopped watching as well.

Apex Legends definitely still has a strong following on Twitch, but it obviously hasn’t become the “Fortnite killer” many thought, or hoped, it would.


ThinknumApex Legends total viewership has seen a steady decline.
Fortnite’s viewers by the hour, on the other hand, have remained fairly consistent.

What’s Apex doing to keep players interested?

One of the biggest complains from Apex Legends players is the lack of content to work towards. In an effort to appease players, Respawn recently revealed details and new cosmetics coming with Apex’s second season.

Respawn also announced a new limited time event called The Legendary hunt, which brings even more new content to King’s Canyon, including the Apex Elite Queue, which allows top 5 players to queue up in a game with other top 5 finishers.

Apex Legends may not be king of Twitch anymore, but it seems like developers are finally listening to players and adding more new content, whether that will be enough though remains to be seen.

Apex Legends

How to get super jump with Octane’s jump pad in Apex Legends

Published: 13/Oct/2020 16:19 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 16:21

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have got a trick that lets Octane jump seemingly higher than normal when using his launchpad, though, it might be quite situational.

Ever since being introduced back in Season 1, Octane has helped shake up Apex Legends thanks to his unique movement abilities. 


The adrenaline junkie might not feature in every match in the same way both Pathfinder and Wraith do, but when he does, you can be sure to see him whizzing around the map using Stim or flying high with his jump pad.

Players have come up with plenty of movement tricks since his introduction, with Respawn going as far as tweaking the pad so that users can use a double jump. Yet, some players have gone even further, well, higher, than that. 

Octane in Apex Legends
Octane can regularly be found in Apex games, but not as much as some other legends.

It comes from Reddit user KILL2BKING, who pointed out that the tip might be pretty situational, but it should help you get the high ground over unknowing opponents. 

Quite simply, when an Octane jump pad is on the floor, you want to punch your way on it. Don’t run, or walk, use your melee attack right before you step on to it and you’ll start to bounce.

Now, if you really want to maximize the height advantage, let yourself float back down to the pad. You’ll then get a boost like it is a trampoline. Then, you can use your double jump to reach even greater heights. 

  1. Place an Octane jump pad
  2. Melee attack right before stepping onto the pad
  3. Take a bounce up and down like a trampoline
  4. Double jump off to new heights

As noted, while this tip is pretty useful, it’s also quite situational. Given that you need to bounce up and back down again on the jump pad, it can make you vulnerable to enemy attacks. 

At the end of the day, though, if you need to reach a spot that could you give a leg up in a game, the movement trick is certainly worth mastering. At least until Respawn make legends changes.