When is Arenas coming back to Apex Legends?


The Arenas game mode is going to be replaced by other game modes in Season 16. But, will Arenas come back to Apex Legends?

For a change of pace from Battle Royale, Arena matches were 3v3, where players needed to eliminate the opposing team over a number of fixed rounds to emerge victorious. It was intended to be the perfect playground for players to practice mechanics under less pressure than the BR mode.

However, at a Season 16 press event, Respawn explained that Arenas no longer served the purpose of providing players a place to hone their skills in a “less stressful environment,” which is why Arenas is going to be replaced by other game modes.

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Now, the question fans of the mode will be asking is will Arenas return to Apex Legends, and if so, when?

Apex Legends TDMRespawn Entertainment
TDM is a new game mode in Apex Legends.

Will Arenas come back to Apex Legends?

Speaking to Dexerto in an interview, the devs said that they removed Arenas as it wasn’t doing its job (of being a place for people to practice mechanics under less pressure than BR). However, they did not rule out a return entirely.

In fact, they also hinted at a comeback by saying, it wasn’t doing its job, “but it could come back, we’re looking at it.” So clearly a return at some point isn’t totally out of the question.

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At the time of writing, Respawn has no planned date for Arenas to come back to Apex. Instead, we will see Team Deathmatch and Mixtape taking its place starting on February 14. TDM is a 6v6 fast respawn mode, where the first one to secure 30 kills will win a round, and winning 2 rounds will win you the game. Loadout selection will be similar to control, meaning there will be premade loadouts to choose from and switch between mid-match.

A new permanent playlist, Mixtape, will replace TDM three weeks into the new season that features Control, Team Deathmatch, and Gun Run. It will eventually evolve to have new stuff, new modes, and old ones – which could include Arenas at some point.

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