Arenas axed from Apex Legends and replaced by TDM to start Season 16

Apex Legends Arenas reworkRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is permanently removing Arenas from the game in Season 16, the once much-anticipated 3v3 mode that was released in Season 9. Replacing it is Team Deathmatch, and a new playlist called Mixtape.

While Apex Legends at its core is a battle royale game, players love the basic gunplay and abilities so much that they longed for an arena-style mode pretty much since launch.

Aptly named, Arenas launched in Season 9, and was followed up by Ranked Arenas in Season 10, where players climbed through ranks just like in battle royale.

However, Respawn has confirmed that they have made the “difficult decision” to sunset Arenas in Season 16, as it no longer achieved the original aim for the mode. Instead, TDM is coming in at the start of Season 16.

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Why was Arenas removed from Apex Legends?

Although it made a splash when added, with players’ feedback very positive on Arenas initially, it was clear that it had declined in popularity as the season went by. The majority of players didn’t leave the default bronze rank in the Ranked Arenas mode.

It was also troubled by difficult matchmaking issues, leading to frustrations as casual players had to face Arenas experts too often. Respawn explained at a Season 16 press event that Arenas no longer served the purpose of providing players a place to hone their skills in a “less stressful environment.”

Arenas Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Arenas were introduced in the Season 9 update.

To provide this, the new 6v6 TDM mode will be available at launch of Season 16. Instead of lots of rounds, a round will last until one team has 30 kills. The first to win 2 rounds wins the match.

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You will also respawn after dying, making this a much faster-paced experienced than arenas, with less time spectating your teammates and less punishing deaths.

Learn more about how team deathmatch works in Apex Legends with our full guide here.

What is Mixtape in Apex Legends?

TDM will be live for three weeks, before it is replaced by a new permanent playlist called Mixtape.

This playlist will feature a rotation of TDM, Control and Gun Run for Season 16. But, in future seasons, there will be other limited-time modes added here, both new and old.

Respawn hopes this will provide a constant source of alternatives to the standard battle royale modes, and hopefully keep as many people as possible happy. If your favorite mode isn’t there today, it might be there tomorrow.

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