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Apex Legends

What’s coming in Apex Legends next patch? Bug fixes and new features

Published: 22/Oct/2019 17:17 Updated: 22/Oct/2019 18:25

by Calum Patterson


With Season 3 of Apex Legends now in full swing, things have settled down somewhat, allowing Respawn Entertainment to hopefully focus in on more general gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

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There’s still plenty to do in Apex, with the new World’s Edge map for the regular mode and the night version of Kings Canyon available in the Shadowfall LTM, as well as the new legend Crypto to get used to.

However, some new bugs have also been found, as well as some older bugs still rearing their ugly heads, but Respawn are committed to keeping on top of it all, and have revealed all the issues they are investigating and fixing.


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Developers at Respawn are working on numerous Apex Legends bugs and glitches.

Many of these issues were reported to them by players themselves, on social media and Reddit, where the developers are always listening to feedback.

Apex Legends bug fixes coming in future patch

The following issues have been marked as ‘coming in a future patch’ by Respawn. This doesn’t guarantee they will be in the next patch, but it should be soon.

  • Inconsistent Pheonix Kit
    • In certain situations, the Phoenix kit will complete but not take affect.
  • Healing bug
    • Canceling a heal Item, then firing a weapon switches weapons
  • Out of bounds
    • There are some areas on the map that the out of bounds time does not trigger.
  • 3rd person shield bug
    • Players in 3rd person appear to hold shield cells when they really have a gun out. After use, shield cells can be stuck on the user’s model.
  • Incorrect Series 1 badges
    • Some user’s are receiving the incorrect badge for their Reward series 1 of rank

Respawn EntertainmentA handful of healing bugs are being fixed.
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New features coming in future patch

These are not necessarily ‘bugs’, but just general improvements to the game. Again, these are coming in a future patch, but not guaranteed to be in the next patch.

  • Improved training area: Firing Range
    • Will include loot, dummies, shields, abilities and can change legend
  • Spend Legend tokens to Re-roll daily challenges
  • Ability to switch from localized voice overs to English.
  • Keep deathbox UI open on damage
    • Settings option to keep the deathbox UI open when taking damage.
  • Adjustable game cursor velocity PC/Console
    • Setting to adjust the speed at which the controller cursor moves on both console and PC.

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Apex Legends bugs being investigated

In addition to the above, Respawn are also investigating the following issues, but there’s no confirmation that fixes are coming in a future patch.


  • Lifeline DOC bug
    • The lifeline drone does not heal crypto while he is controlling his recon drone.
  • Mirage hair color revert
    • Mirage’s hair color is black on all skins including legendaries. Working on reverting to original styles.
  • Add button to clear new status on everything

So that’s everything Respawn is working on for now, at least that they’ve listed publicly. It’s likely they’re still investigating other balance fixes too, and other plans that they’re keeping under wraps.