Apex Legends leak reveals new map ‘Tropics’ will have Tridents like Olympus

Apex Legends Tropics Trident Season 10 RespawnRespawn Entertainment

A new Apex Legends leak pertaining to the long-rumored ‘tropical’ map claims that it will have Trident vehicles – currently exclusive to the Olympus map. 

Apex Legends players have, since Season 7, grown accustomed to the battle royale’s three maps. Kings Canyon came first and was joined by Worlds’ Edge, while Olympus came in Season 7 alongside legend Horizon and Trident vehicles.

While Trident vehicles are currently exclusive to Olympus, that could well be about to change. Fresh leaks, courtesy of reputable data miner GarretLeaks on Twitter, suggest that Apex’s new battle royale map – currently known as Tropics – will feature the futuristic vehicles.

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Horizon driving a vehicle in Season 7 trailerRespawn Entertainment
The Trident vehicles dropped in Season 7, alongside Legend Horizon and the Olympus map.

On July 18, the leaker shared early images of the vehicles, comparing them aesthetically to the existing Trident vehicles that can be found on Olympus.

While the two are almost identical, the leaker highlighted the main difference between the two: the splashes of dirt that taint the vehicle’s white exteriors.

This hints at swampy areas of the new map, perhaps similar to tropical Titanfall maps like Lagoon.

It also fits with past leaks. Back in August of 2020, data miners and leakers began picking up on a potential new map set on a tropical island. The string of game code read “MP_RR_TROPIC_ISLAND_DESC,” which is the same as Kings Canyon and World’s Edge in the Apex Legends core code.

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Details have remained scarce since then, but it appears we are getting closer to the launch of this tropical map. Whether it retains the name ‘Tropics’ when it drops is unclear, but the game’s data suggests it will be something close to that.

It has been a few seasons since a new map launched so, given Respawn’s track record of adding maps every three or so seasons, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Tropics drop with Season 10 at the start of August.

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