Wattson trick is perfect for farming Apex Legends loot on Storm Point

Connor Bennett
Wattson on top of Storm Point in Apex Legends

Want to get your hands on the loot from Spiders and Prowler Nests without much fuss in Apex Legends? Well, Wattson is the perfect pick for you. Here’s why.

With the start of Apex Legends Season 11: Escape, Respawn Entertainment introduced the battle royale’s fourth map in the form of Storm Point.

The tropical-themed map is the biggest of Apex’s four locations to date and has plenty of unique features that set it apart from Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus.

One of the biggest of which is the ability to get loot from the spiders and prowlers that inhabit Storm Point. The creatures won’t give up the goods without a fight, however, you can make things a lot easier for yourself as Wattson.

The Barometer Storm Point Apex Legends
The new Storm Point map is sunny, bright and beautiful.

While you can just rush in and pick a fight with both the spiders and prowlers, you may find yourself being overwhelmed either by them or by a team who decides to third party the action.

Well, as some players have found, if you use Wattson and her Interception Pylon ultimate, the creatures will have a hard time doing much damage to you.

In the case of farming loot from spiders, the Interception Pylon will prevent them from spitting their web at you, allowing you to gun them down with ease.

As for the prowlers, well, the ultimate will grab their attention for a second, allowing you to deal some damage before they come your way. Though, it won’t completely nullify them as it does the spiders.

Of course, the pylon will also slow down any enemy attacks that use grenades, so you can count on it as an extra piece of cover but make sure it’s placed in a chokehold for maximum effect.

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