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Wattson and Caustic players bait enemies with crazy Apex Legends trap

Published: 11/Jan/2020 0:11

by Eli Becht


A team of Wattson and Caustic can be truly deadly in Apex Legends, and things can get really crazy when you throw Wraith into the mix.

While Caustic is almost universally considered to be the weakest character in the game, nobody can make death rooms as good as he can.

Now, when you couple that with Wattson’s electric fences, you really start cooking with gas – literally. All that’s missing is a Wraith portal, and then you can actually create a major death trap.

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Caustic is known for his death rooms.

Three players, as shown by a Reddit clip, discovered how to make perhaps the most deadly chokepoint in the entire game. To start, the Caustic and Wattson players put down all of their traps in a tight, enclosed area, while the Wraith player created a portal that would lead unsuspecting enemies to the spot.


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The gist of the idea is to have the portal empty players out over an edge that would cause them to drop to their death. Players would still have to bait the enemy team by taking fire and run into the portal, though.

EAWattson combos well with Caustic.

If you’re lucky, the whole squad will chase after you and fall right into the death trap. This squad of players was able to get several players to unknowingly enter a portal to their death.

Reddit user Beanbag1992 revealed the results of this elaborate ruse in a nearly three-minute clip. While the group likely didn’t come away with any victories this way, it still made for a fun couple of games as they set up their plan.


The Gas Is Always Greener On The Other Side from apexlegends

Players have been looking for ways to make Caustic useful  since the game released, and it would appear that he has certainly found his place in the meta when teamed with Wattson.

Since both Legends are best suited in a defensive setting, it’s no surprise to see them working so well together.

EAWraith is all that’s missing to make this trap work great.

The characters aren’t for everyone, that’s for sure, but if you’re able to find a friend or two that is willing undertake this strategy with you, you’ll be in business.

We can’t wait to see what the Wattson and Caustic mains of the world come up with next.