Unreleased weapon type spotted in Apex Legends Chaos Theory dev stream

Mirage holding a G7 Scout in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends fans have spotted an unreleased weapon type in the Chaos Theory dev stream, hinting at a ‘Marksman’ class coming soon. 

While Apex Legends has set characters with their own abilities, the formula is the same as other battle royales. Drop in at a spot, loot up, take down enemies, and be the last team standing to get the all-important win.

Even though using your abilities in the most optimal way will help you get a win, getting the best loot possible is still key too. You have to get weapons that are going to pick off enemies.

These weapons are constantly undergoing buffs and nerfs, with players offering up their own suggestions for changes as well. However, it appears as if an all-new weapon type could be coming to the game.

30-30 Repeater in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Season 8 introduced a brand new weapon called the 30-30 Repeater, which isn’t quite a sniper.

During the recent Chaos theory devstream, where the Respawn team went over some of the changes coming to the battle royale in the next event, players were on the lookout for any slip-ups.

They spotted one in the form of a ‘Marksman’ weapon type. As one of the devs went near a 3x HCOG Ranger scope, the tags that indicate what weapon it could go on read: Sniper, LMG, AR, and Marksman.

It’s obviously sparked interest, given its brand-new, but it’s not hard to guess what the Marksman type could be. Weapons like the G7 Scout and 30-30 Repeater which aren’t Snipers, nor Assault Rifles, fit in perfectly with what you’d think constitutes as a Marksman gun.

These dev streams have revealed plenty of ‘new’ things in the past, including weapons and new equipment. However, many of these have not made it into the game just yet, and are typically being worked on for balancing issues.

Just introducing a new weapon type likely wouldn’t require a whole load of balancing work, so we could see introduced in the near future. We’ll just have to wait and see.