Apex Legends Predator players caught red-handed 6-man teaming in Ranked

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A set of Apex Legends Predator and Masters players have been exposed 6-man teaming in Ranked to unfairly gain RP.

If you want to up the stakes in your Apex Legends matches, queueing for Ranked is the best option as it allows you to rise up through the tiers and test your skills against opponents of a similar level.

Unfortunately, some players do not want to progress up the ladder using their skills alone and decide to cheat instead.

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While this usually comes in the form of third-party software, there are other methods that are harder for the anti-cheat to detect. One involves queueing at the same time as another squad and teaming up together.

A set of Predator and Master players have been caught red-handed doing exactly that, grouping up as one giant team and making it nearly impossible to take them down.

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Teaming is extremely hard for Respawn to detect in Apex Legends

Apex Predator players exposed for teaming in Ranked

While facing an enemy squad, Reddit user lildoodlebob and their team first suspected teaming opponents when they were hit with two Crypto EMPs, one after another.

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After trying to escape the area with Valkyrie Ultimate, lildoodlebob was taken down outside the ring, so their teammates placed down a heat shield in the hopes of reviving them.

Before long, six separate enemies pounced on their position and wiped them from the match. The opponents had been sitting together farming up red EVO armor, making them extremely overpowered at that point in the game.

Following their elimination, lildoodlebob decided to check the ranks of the cheating foes, and it turns out they were all Masters and Predators.

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This begs the question of whether any of their RP was gained through legitimate skill, or whether their prestigious rank is a result of rampant cheating.

Players are desperate to see Respawn find a way to stop teaming and boosting, as it ruins the competitive integrity of Ranked and defeats the point of earning badges.