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This Apex Legends technique lets you move faster while healing

Published: 14/Feb/2019 18:20 Updated: 14/Feb/2019 18:28

by Joe O'Brien


A useful Apex Legends technique lets you keep moving quickly while healing up.

With no natural regeneration, managing your health and shields in Apex Legends means taking a break from the fighting to use items like med kits and shield batteries.

Though it’s possible to move while healing, doing so typically slows your movement speed to a crawl. If you need to escape a dangerous situation, therefore, you usually have to make a decision between running and restoring your health or shields.

For situations in which you’re trying to escape with just a fraction of health remaining, however, there is a means of doing both at the same time.


Med kits can be used on the move, but the player is significantly slowed.

If you initially build up some momentum with a quick slide before hitting the heal, and then “bunny hop” – continuously jump every time you hit the ground – you’ll carry the momentum forward as the heal completes, maintaining running speed throughout.

Apex player u/PonyOfMacaroni demonstrated the technique.

No one’s talking about bunnyhop-healing so I guess I have to show you myself. from r/apexlegends

This technique could very well prove a life-saver, as it will allow you to remain evasive while restoring your health and shields rather than having to remain effectively stationary for the duration of the heal.

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