Strange Apex Legends glitch gives Lifeline accidental healing buff

Philip Trahan
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Respawn Entertainment

A newly discovered Apex Legends glitch is allowing Lifeline players to survive forever in the storm thanks to infinite healing from her D.O.C. drone.

Lifeline is Apex Legends’ premier healing character thanks to her deployable health drone and her ability to quickly resurrect downed teammates.

Though it seems a strange glitch may have just made Lifeline an even better healer, albeit not intentionally so.

One Lifeline main posted a clip of themselves surviving storm damage by repeatedly healing, despite being nowhere near Lifeline’s D.O.C drone.

Apex Legends glitch gives Lifeline accidental buff

Respawn Entertainment
Lifeline’s tactical ability allows her to place a stationary healing drone that players must stand near to heal.

The glitch comes by way of udrac on the Apex Legends subreddit, who posted a 40-second long clip of the incident in action.

The video showed Lifeline running through the storm at half health before stopping to use a heat shield and deploy her tactical healing drone.

After healing while looting a deathbox, udrac left the heat shield and entered the storm again — only this time they seemingly took no damage.

However, if fans look closely at the clip Lifeline is indeed taking damage regularly from the storm, but is healed the ring damage as soon as it occurred, which made it appear as though they lost no health.

The general consensus among the comments is that the glitch is related to Lifeline’s drone somehow staying attached to her despite having left its healing radius.

“I would guess [it’s] a glitch with you leaving the health drone range and entering the zone at the same time, said Gorgortan.

Other players joked it was simply a new buff for Lifeline, like MACHO_MUCHACHO2005 who said, “New lifeline buff. Bluetooth health drone. Health drone heals you from anywhere.”

It seems as though players haven’t found out exactly how to replicate the glitch, but those looking to do so should try it at their own risk — lest Respawn catches wind of any attempted exploits.