Another Apex Legends glitch spot prevents players from taking damage

Joe O'Brien
Respawn Entertainmnet

An Apex Legends player encountered a bizarre glitch that allows players to hide inside a rock.

Reddit user enntropy-revealed came across a seemingly innocuous rock on the World’s Edge map that allowed his opponent to both hide from sight within it, and be shielded from incoming shots while doing so.

While it’s possible to move in and out of the rock, it’s not possible to shoot through it, meaning that it can be used for cover in the middle of a firefight, as enntropy-revealed discovered.

In this instance, the glitch was used to duck in and out of cover, forcing the player’s opponents to get up close and into the rock themselves in order to finally eliminate them. It’s very possible, however, that it could also be used as a hiding place, either to simply wait out games for easier high placements, or ambush unsuspecting opponents as they pass.

This isn’t the first time that Apex players have encountered such a glitch. When World’s Edge first arrived with Season 3 in October, players found another rock in which they could hide in this manner, but it now appears that this wasn’t the only location in which this glitch can occur.

Respawn Entertainment
This isn’t the first time a glitch like this has been seen in World’s Edge.

Currently, the bug is not featured on the Apex Tracker, which keeps a record of which bugs the developers are working on as well as those they’re aware of. It seems that Respawn are therefore not currently addressing the issue, although how long it may take to identify and solve the bug remains to be seen.

It’s worth noting that the developers have little tolerance for players exploiting obvious glitches, having recently announced that they would be rolling out punishments for those that have been using the “dashboarding” trick to avoid penalties for leaving ranked games, so it’s probably best to avoid making use of this bug yourself.

It’s very possible players could face retrospective penalties if they are deemed to have been acting against the spirit of the game, even if doing so doesn’t involve anything that is strictly prohibited like aim hacking.

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