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Apex Legends Lifeline bug gives healing drone infinite range

Published: 19/Sep/2019 7:50 Updated: 19/Sep/2019 8:08

by Matt Porter


A useful new bug for Apex Legends character Lifeline allows her Healing Drone to boost your health from any distance.

Lifeline, whose real name is Ajay Che, is a combat medic who joined the Apex Games to fund a humanitarian relief organization. With her abilities all targeted around healing, she is an extremely useful part of any three-person composition, with her D.O.C. Heal Drone incredibly handy for giving HP to multiple teammates at once.


Some players have noticed a bizarre bug with the medic’s drone though, with it healing players even when they should be out of range of the robot.

Respawn EntertainmentLifeline’s D.O.C. Healing Drone can heal multiple players at a time.

In a clip posted on Reddit by /u/goncusa, a Lifeline can be seen using her healing drone, with a robotic arm connecting her to the device and boosting her health.


As expected, once the character begins to move away from the D.O.C, the arm disconnects, which is supposed to end the process. The player was stunned to see the character’s health continue to rise long after she had left the room.

“Look where is, and he’s healing,” exclaimed the confused Wraith player. “What the fuck.”

Lifeline Drone Bug, look where she goes and her health keeps raising, while i’m next to drone and don’t get healed. from r/apexlegends

How this bug was accomplished has yet to be confirmed, but in a comment on the clip, /u/dadnothere explains that this can happen “if the healing rope hits something,” and apparently will stay connected under the floor even as you move away from it.


This glitch could be incredibly useful in end-game scenarios, as the ability to move away from the drone while gaining health would give players an incredible advantage over those who weren’t constantly receiving HP in those final gunfights.

The bug is an unintended exploit for the D.O.C. Heal Drone though, so don’t expect it to remain in the game forever, with Respawn likely to nerf it in a future update.


Apex Legends cosplayer summons spooky Bloodhound skin for Halloween

Published: 18/Oct/2020 22:06

by Bill Cooney


One Apex Legends fan and Halloween enthusiast has brought Bloodhound’s Halloween skin into our realm just in time for the holiday with an awesome and spooky cosplay.

As in many games, Apex’s Halloween skins are some of the most popular and sought after by players, but they’re only available to unlock for a limited time, which makes them prestige items as well.


Since the spooky skins are basically trick or treating costumes for the legends during the seasonal LTMs, it makes sense they make for great cosplay inspiration as well.

Cosplay studio ‘Designedby’ proved this on Reddit with a brilliant-looking take of Bloodhound’s pumpkin-headed ‘Protector of the Patch’ legendary skin from 2019.

Bloodhound Cosplay
Allfather give me candy.

One look at the jack-o’-lantern wearing a pointed hat and anyone who’s played Apex since 2019’s Fright or Fight event. The headgear and the lanterns both have lights producing an eerie orange glow as well. To top it all off they’re rocking a fully-accurate Flatline as well but it, unfortunately, seems to lack a matching Halloween weapon skin to go along with it.

Safe to say if we saw this walking down the street we would forget about our candy and instinctively start scanning for the nearest weapon or loot crate.

If you still want to pick up Protector of the Patch you are actually in luck, because all of the old cosmetics should be coming back to the shop during the 2020 event.

Apex Legends Bloodhound halloween
Respawn Entertainment
Bloodhound’s Halloween skin should be available to unlock again during the Halloween event.

According to dataminers, the Technological Tracker will also be getting a brand new skin for Halloween 2020 along with Crypto, Gibraltar, and more. Bloodhound’s new skin is visually similar to Protector of the Patch, but with a red recolor.

The creators at Designedby definitely seem to have a soft spot for Apex, as they’ve rolled out awesome Mirage and Caustic cosplays as well in recent months, but pumpkin Bloodhound takes the cake as one of the best costumes for the game we’ve seen (so far).

Blackheart Caustic cosplay
Blackheart Caustic would also make a great Halloween costume option.

There’s still no official date for when the 2020 Halloween event will get going, but seeing as we’re more than halfway through October already, we’d keep our eyes out this next week for an announcement.


Respawn, after all, has to give players some time to unlock all the cosmetics they can.