Clever Lifeline rework idea would massively buff her revive in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Lifeline buff reviveRespawn Entertainment

A Lifeline buff concept massively increases the power of her Passive drone in Apex Legends, allowing her to activate revives from a distance.

As a member of the original Apex Legends roster and the only healer in the Outlands, Lifeline is an iconic character in Respawn’s battle royale.

Although she maintains a respectable 4.4% pick rate in Season 14, a lot of the community still believes she’s underpowered and needs more attention.

However, after receiving a set of significant buffs in the Awakening Collection Event, it’s unlikely the devs will introduce any changes to her kit in the near future.

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Well, instead of waiting for Respawn, one player decided to develop their own buff for the Combat Medic, and it involves massively improving her Passive revive.

Lifeline Tactical buff Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Lifeline has a 4.4% pick rate in Season 14.

Simple Lifeline buff concept enhances her Passive revive

Apex Legends player and Reddit user brickbony not only came up with a clever Lifeline buff, but they also made an in-game concept to demonstrate how it would work.

Instead of having to run up to her teammates to activate her Passive, brickbony has suggested that the Combat Medic should be able to remotely deploy her revive from a distance.

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This would allow Lifeline to revive allies from a safe position which could be absolutely essential in a tense gunfight.

Not only that, but the remote revive could also be used as a distraction to outplay enemies and get their attention before looking for a flank.

As showcased in the concept, the range on the revive wouldn’t be huge, so it would still be relatively easy for enemies to detect a nearby Lifeline.

However, it would give the Combat Medic a slight boost in power without making her OP or a must-use Legend.

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Either way, let’s hope Respawn take note of the idea and potentially use it in the future if they feel Lifeline is in need of some assistance.

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