Strange Apex Legends bug lets Mirage decoys ruin Octane’s ultimate

Connor Bennett

Apex Legends players have been encountering a strange bug that allows Mirage’s Decoys to completely ruin Octane’s jump pads simply by running near them.

After weeks of waiting, Apex Legends season five finally launched on May 12 – giving fans the chance to finally play as the new legend, Loba. There were also plenty of match changes and character updates, but a few bugs have been rearing their head.

Since the launch, players have been reporting problems with climbing fences and being unable to loot deathboxes, but there also appears to be a new issue that allows Mirage decoys to sacrifice themselves in order to wreak havoc with Octane’s jump pad.

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Mirage fist bumping decoy in Apex Legends.
Mirage’s decoys often bamboozle their enemies.

The problem was pointed out by Reddit user  TheLordOfTheTubas, showing that if a Mirage player sends their decoy out towards an Octane jump pad, the decoy will be sent skywards and the jump pad will be destroyed.

This isn’t a one-time problem, though, as the Redditor showed that it could happen again pretty instantly with their decoy destroying a second jump pad just moments after the first example.

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Players who use both characters noted that they’ve seen the problem in their matches but didn’t realize that it had become so widespread. One commenter, driverofdeath503, even pointed out that they’d seen Octane’s Gauntlet missing jump pads because of the problem.

Now, the only people who can rectify these issues are Respawn and as of writing, they have responded to the bug on Reddit or added it to their Trello board of problems. Though, there are working on another problem that allows Mirage’s decoys to float in the air.

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That fix is being worked on alongside other problems like hit registration, reconnection issues, and the Ninja button layout not working as intended. 

Whether or not things will be straightened out anytime soon, remains to be seen, but both Mirage and Octane players will be hoping that they don’t think too long to sort out.

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