Apex Legends pro spills details on new anti-cheat system

Connor Bennett

Apex Legends might soon have a way to combat cheaters after Complexity’s professional players noted that they’re planning to roll out two-factor authentication at some point in the future. 

Like much every other popular multiplayer title, Apex Legends has had to deal with cheaters online – be they using aimbots, god mode, or any other hack that you can think of it to get a leg up.

Respawn Entertainment has done a pretty stellar job in rolling out bans for players who have been convicted of cheating and they have even put job searches out for programmers to develop their anti-cheat team. Though, they might soon be stepping their fight against the cheaters up to another level.

Hackers have even shown off their Apex Legends cheat live on stream.

During their May 17 stream, Complexity’s Apex Legends team noted that the developers had teased that they would be rolling out two-factor authentication as an anti-cheat feature during a professional player playtest event. 

“Yeah, they said they were going to come out with two-factor authentication,” the players said. “It’s going to help a lot on the casual cheaters, not the hardcore f**king turds.” Complexity’s squad also noted that they don’t the current anti-cheat has banned many players, with a lot of the bans coming manually.

The introduction of two-factor authentication would not doubt scare off some would-be cheaters seeing as they’d have to hand over a phone number, but as always, anyone who is desperate to cheat would be able to find a way around the hurdle presented by 2FA. 

However, when Respawn will actually roll out the feature still very much remains to be seen – especially seeing as it didn’t make the cut for their recent season five update on May 12. That update saw the release of Loba as a new legend, a huge overhaul to the Kings Canyon map, as well as the all-new quests feature being added to the battle royale. 

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