Spacestation Gaming explain why they’ve quit Apex Legends after 4 years

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OG organization Spacestation Gaming have explained why they’ve quit Apex Legends esports after four years.

Having joined Apex Legends esports exactly four years ago to the day, Spacestation Gaming is a well-known organization that has achieved a lot of success.

Racking up just under $250,000 in total winnings and reaching multiple top-10 finishes in ALGS championships, the team has been a consistent competitor during their time in the scene.

However, following their 16th place finish in the ALGS 2023 Split 1 Playoffs, the CEO has announced that SSG will be exiting Apex Legends esports.

Not only that, they revealed their exact reason for the departure and what steps need to be taken if they’re ever to make a return to the ALGS.

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Spacestation Gaming founded its Apex Legends esports team on February 14, 2019.

Spacestation Gaming explains Apex Legends esports exit

Taking to Twitter on February 13, Spacestation Gaming’s CEO Unit_Shawn revealed that they’re going to “miss Apex Legends and watching our teams compete” as it’s “one of the most entertaining esports”.

However, in the esports market’s current state, the organization simply cannot continue to compete “without a fair rev share partnership to help sustainability”.

Without consistent returns, “it’s hard to justify continuing to invest” when the future of the team is completely determined by tournament performances.

In response to this tweet, someone asked Unit if SSG would consider returning to the ALGS if revenue share ever happened in the future.

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The CEO kept their reply short and simple, answering that “yes” a return could be a possibility if that system is implemented.

For now, it’s not sustainable for SSG to continue competing in Apex Legends without revenue share.

It’ll be interesting to see if this is something EA and Respawn consider in the future, as it’s clear certain teams are struggling to justify their position in the ALGS without consistent returns.