Shroud reveals why he wanted Apex Legends’ Octane nerfed before release

Joe O'Brien

Popular streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has shared his thoughts on new Apex Legends character Octane and suggested that Wattson may not be far behind.

Season One of Apex Legends is finally due to launch on March 19, bringing with it the game’s first Battle Pass and the first new Legend to be added to the game post-launch – Octane.

While Octane’s abilities have long since been leaked, most players haven’t yet had hands-on experience with the new character. According to Shroud, however, who helped test and give feedback on the game prior to launch, both Octane and Wattson, another leaked Legend, have been in a playable state for quite some time.

Shroud revealed that he played both Octane and Wattson in his very first testing session of Apex Legends nearly a year previously.

Respawn EntertainmentOctane has been confirmed for the start of Season One.

Of Octane, Shroud revealed he was so much fun that he couldn’t stop playing him all throughout the day he was testing the game, but that he expects Respawn to have adjusted him slightly in the months since as Shroud himself advised that he was too fast to be entirely balanced.

Notably, Shroud also stated that Apex developers Respawn Entertainment were intending for Wattson to be released within the game’s first season.

While he declined to give any further details about Wattson’s character or abilities, Shroud not only confirmed the veracity of the various leaks that identified Wattson as a future Legend, but also added weight to the theories that they will be joining the game within the first season.

So far, Respawn have not so much as confirmed the existence of Wattson, but it increasingly seems that a reveal may not be too far off. While it’s very possible they could have changed their minds in the months since Shroud was testing the game, it appears their original intention at least was for Octane not to be the only new Legend releasing in Season One.

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