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Apex Legends character Wattson leaked? Abilities, release date rumors and more

Published: 6/Mar/2019 12:39 Updated: 21/Mar/2019 10:10

by Matt Porter


Another upcoming Apex Legends character named Wattson has been leaked, and details regarding the new Legend have begun to appear ahead of its official release.

Apex Legends fans will be aware that one new Legend has already been leaked, with plenty of information available about Octane, with many believing that the character will make an appearance in the game in the near future.

However, alongside the leak of Octane, eagle-eyed players noticed a second Legend had been mentioned named Wattson, although unfortunately very little information about the character is available at the moment.

The first leaked images of Wattson.

Who is Wattson?

While information has continued to leak out regarding Octane, data miners have been relatively quiet about Wattson, with almost nothing known about the character except for the fact that their powers seem to be focused on the use of electricity.

The lightning bolt symbol on Wattson’s jacket in the leaked image was the first clue, plus the first of their abilities, which was also leaked.

What are Wattson’s abilities?

At time of writing, only one of Wattson’s abilities is known to the public. Many believe that the ability, named Tesla Coil, will act much in the same way as Caustic’s Toxic Trapper, by electrocuting players while they are caught inside the trap.

A possible first look at the Tesla trap was found by data miner Shrugtal.

Many believe that Wattson’s ability may work similarly to Caustic’s Toxic Trapper.

What else do we know about Wattson?

With leaks regarding Wattson thin on the ground, the only thing we know for sure is that the ‘callouts’ for the character have been added to the game’s files as first discovered by @ApexLeaksNews, however we still have no information regarding what the Legend looks like, or its finishing moves.

@ApexLeaksNewsWattson’s callouts have been added to Apex Legends.

When is Wattson going to be released?

Unsurprisingly, there is no official release date for Wattson. Apex Legends Season One is set to kick off during March, with many expecting Octane to be released alongside the first season.

With Wattson not believed to be scheduled to release until after Octane goes live, it’s likely that we will not see the character until April at the very earliest.

Perhaps Respawn also plan to release a new Legend at the start of each Season, in which case Wattson might not arrive until June, with the launch of Season 2.

This is an updating post and will be updated any time new information about Wattson is discovered prior to the in-game release of the Legend.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends ‘death spot’ on Olympus is getting players stuck & killed

Published: 5/Dec/2020 23:53

by Alan Bernal


A bugged ‘death spot’ in Apex Legends has been discovered on Season 7’s new map, Olympus, that’s getting players stuck in place before eventually eliminating them completely.

There’s a lot of room for error in the sky city of Olympus. The new Apex Arena has ample spots where players can simply fall off the map, tight corridors that are a death trap if not navigated correctly, and more pitfalls to watch out for at every corner.

Unfortunately, the same can be said about simple features on the map, like the rotating Grow Towers that have already been known to prematurely end players’ games if they stay on the spinning platforms for too long.

However, sometimes, even getting onto the Grow Towers’ platform in the first place can be a game-ender considering the curvature of the building’s base kept user ‘WOAHderWOAHder’ stuck until he died.

Respawn making sure I don’t go positive in ranked from apexlegends

After pinging their team’s next move on the screen, the player went up the tower’s half-pipe entrance but couldn’t clear the landing. Instead of being denied entry, they were just locked in mid-air, unable to move.

They were spamming buttons to try and dislodge themselves from the death spot, even crouching to move the character’s model. But all that did was give them a look through the Apex map into the void down below.

Eventually, the map dealt a killing blow to the Lifeline without a chance to escape the situation, and other people might have gone through similar scenarios.

Respawn Entertainment
Though they look harmless, Apex’s Grow Towers have been known to be deadly.

“Swear to God, I fucking hate climbing up on the Grow Towers! That first curve that you have to deal with is sooo annoying,” one said in response.

Though the loot at the Grow Towers makes it a worthwhile detour in a match, there are some risks involved that players will want to think about before rotating over there.

It’s unclear how to replicate this bug in Apex to best know when it could strike, but it’s only a matter of time before Respawn catches wind of the death spot and do a quick job of patching it.