Respawn testing Revenant buff for Apex Legends Season 9, but there’s a catch

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Apex Legends Revenant Buff

Revenant has been in a weird place in Apex Legends for a while now, but the developers have finally confirmed they’re testing some buffs, although there’s one small catch: It’ll likely come at the cost of his Ultimate.

Respawn has been trying to buff Revenant for a long time, but they’ve had a hard time trying to figure out how to do it.

They’ve acknowledged his tactical and ultimate abilities would be too strong with a direct buff in the past. So, they’ve been racking their brain trying to find another way ever since.

Fortunately, it seems like they’re finally a step closer to finding a solution.

Apex Legends' Revenant using their Death Totem.
Revenant was introduced back in Apex Legends Season 4.

When asked about the potential for a buff to Revenant’s passive, designer John ‘JayBiebs’ Larson gave some news mains of the Legends wanted to hear: They’re coming in Season 9.

However, they’re worried about the community sentiment being overwhelmingly negative if they buff him too much, given the power of his abilities.

“[We] don’t think the community reception would be very positive if we straight up buffed him without addressing some frustration surrounding his ult, but I like the idea of a greatly increased climb,” Larson said, referencing a player suggestion to make Rev’s wall climb infinte.

They’re still trying to be cautious about the buff since one step too far could make him overpowered. Plus, it’s not like he’s terrible: His ultimate and tactical are very strong in the right hands.

The key takeaway, though, is they’ve got some buffs in the works, and that’s all Revenant mains needed to hear.