Respawn double down on plans for Apex Legends single-player content

Bangalore shooting in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Respawn Entertainment have reiterated their desire to do more single-player content in Apex Legends, however, it might have to wait for now. 

Apex Legends might be a multiplayer, battle royale title, but that hasn’t stopped players from wanting single-player content like a story or limited-time modes from Respawn.

Ever since the game launched over two years ago, rumors have swirled about single-player content, with Respawn saying it’s been planned, but maybe not to depth that some fans wants.

We finally got some single-player content with the quests in Season 5, as you could tackle them alone and not suffer too much. As we approached Season 9 and all that has to offer, Respawn have once again touched on the single-player topic.

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Respawn Entertainment
The Season 5 quests scratched the single-player itch for some.

Speaking to Eurogamer about the new season, Respawn’s Chad Grenier said they would “love” to deliver more single-player focused content, but, there are few things from preventing it right now.

“We dipped our toes in a PvE mode a few seasons back with quests and the team certainly loves to make that kind of content. A lot of our team comes from a single-player background… we made the single-player campaign in Titanfall 2,” Grenier told Eurogamer. “And so with all of the awesome legends and all the lore and storytelling that we’re doing, the team naturally I think would love to deliver some sort of content that’s like that, like single-player PvE content.”

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Grenier added that Respawn put their full focus on the battle royale side of things amid the global pandemic, where everyone was working at home, so that there wasn’t burnout.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex’s wide range of characters have all go their own unique lore.

The Apex game director further noted that the “desire is there” to make single-player content, though.

“Because our focus is on PvP, we had to move away from that type of content for the time being. That’s not to say in the future that we might not see some kind of PvE or campaign or something like that,” he added.

“But right now, we’re not really focused on it – we’re thinking about how to continue with a PvP game and continue storytelling. They’re making awesome shorts like Northstar that was just released. But the desire is certainly there.”

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So, we might get more single-player stuff in the future, but don’t expect anything just yet, even if Respawn have confirmed that they’re working on seasons 13 and 14.